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Food Citations | February 19, 2018

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About the Blogger

Hello everyone,

I am Ringo. I have been into blogging since 2010, but only maintaining a single page blog about online opportunities  Not until I realized that there are lots of opportunities in blogging. In February 2011, I made into the serious blogging scenes.

My siblings knew I love cooking. So, they are kept on asking why I didn’t have any food blogs so I can share my recipes. So now, here I am, giving birth to this blog.

Cooking is one of the things I love to do, so you can expect posts coming from my heart. Though I don’t have any culinary degree or diploma, I will show you my recipes including those experiments that turned out to be a great dish. I will also post pictures and will try my best to make your mouth water.

I am also into food adventures. I like dining-in to restaurants, food bazaars and other places showcasing foods. Expect me to post my adventures here. I will tell you my feedbacks about my adventure and I am committing myself to be honest.

I will also review products whether it is food or equipment to cook food. I will post honest statements here and will write based on my preferences.

Feel free to read my posts 🙂