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Food Citations | January 18, 2018

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Alimango - One of the Best Seafood in the World

Alimango – One of the Best Seafood in the World

Probably, one of the best sea foods in whole wide world was the Alimango or Crabs. Big or small I don’t care, whatever the recipe, I will still chow down this fancy shelled animals.

These animals are abundant in the waters of the Philippines. The deep parts of the Philippines is inhabited by a tremendous amount of red crabs. But, because of limited resources and a very high cost, crab fishing in the deep waters is not a very popular business. Provincial places where there are lots of swamps and estuaries also have abundance of mud crabs. Usually, the locals hunt these creatures during their mating season as males carry females making both defenseless.

Government agencies and other aquatic organizations encourages people and local units to have a red crab or mud crab farm where these animals are cultured and will soon become a very good source of income. Larger percentage of crabs sold in the markets and restaurants in the Metro came from farming.

Last week, my mom brought us Alimango and she got the big ones. She only stew the crabs. She did this by boil the big crabs in water with garlic, onions and ginger.

This dish, for me, is best eaten the Filipino way. You and your family eat together while eating bare hands. There are also times that you brag to each other when you got the fattest crab.

We use the back of a metal ladle to break the claws and other parts of the crab.

The Alimango and alige at he back shell

When I am eating this, it will take me almost an hour. Because I want to sip down all the flesh inside every part. I also have a spicy vinegar on the side where I used to dip the parts that I patiently remove from the crabs. Though I still eat this with rice, I only eat few because I concentrate on cracking the shells and removing the flesh.

The fat part and in some situations the eggs are located inside the back shell is also a thing to die for. I will never let go until I ate all the alige inside on a way that I will use my pinky to remove the alige in thepinted sides of the back shell.

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