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Food Citations | February 23, 2018

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Americans Try Street Foods

Americans Try Street Foods

| On 10, Jul 2014

Last May, BuzzFeed came into ideas of letting their American employees try Jollibee and the result? Hilarious.

This entertainment website has been known to make funny videos featuring the employees trying different food from around the world. They’ve asked to try Mexican foods, exotics from Asia and just a few days ago, they asked them to try Filipino street foods.

The Filipino street foods served are fish ball, turon, kwek kwek, kikiam and isaw.

“That’s pretty good,” said the checkered guy in the 0:15 of the video referring to the fish ball. “It’s like eating a weird sponge,” said the woman in the denim jacket.

The turon, which a sweetened plantain banana wrapped in a spring roll, was found amazing with the denim jacket girl saying “I love you.” The bearded guy described it like a banana chimichanga.

The kwek kwek, which can be made by frying quail eggs wrapped in a orange batter, was described as egg Cheetos was love by the group in the 0:56, with the woman in the middle said she can finish the whole plate.

The kikiam is is described as egg roll with pork kicks on it.

The isaw, which is a general term for grilled intestines of animals, was found not that good with one guy saying that it’s Fear Factor for them to eat it.

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