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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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Andrew Zimmern Includes Filipino Cuisines Among Top Food Trend in 2013

| On 17, Dec 2013

Top Food Trend in 2013 by Andrew Zimmern

Cronuts, Andrew Zimmern and Sriracha Hot Sauce (Credit: People)

It is reiterated here in this blog that Filipinos has his very sensitive taste buds. To other people it’s delicious, but to us, it isn’t. This conclusion also goes with culinary skills. Due to the fact that we are picky in terms of food taste, we want the foods we make to be tasteful and very delicious.

I’m saying this not because I am a Filipino. But, because of my observation. World known food enthusiasts testified that we can really make the most flavor-explosive foods in the world.

Just recently, TV host, chef, food writer and founder of the world renown food documentary show “Bizarre Foods,” Andrew Zimmern made a list of Top Food Trends in 2013 wrapping up the things or we can say, foods that captivated and innovated the culinary world. What’s great and probably a good news to my fellowmen, he included FIlipino foods.

In his article that was published by People Magazine, Zimmern noted that it’s the Pinoy dishes to shine. Stating the fact that Asian cuisines like those of Japanese, Thai, Korean and Vietnamese have gained spotlight, our dishes are rising and capturing American hearts.

“This is the year, finally, that Pinoy foods have their day in the sun. Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese: One by one, they’ve all delighted and inspired American diners, and Filipino cuisine is next,” Zimmern wrote.

He then noted that one of these days, Filipino foods will become a trademark and a household name.

“Just as the Southern food revival can be tethered to chef Sean Brock’s early legacy at Husk restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina, the Filipino foods movement will one day be traceable to Paul Qui serving dinuguan (pork blood stew) at his restaurant Qui in Austin, Texas.”

Aside from the Filipino foods, Zimmern included cronut, a pastry that has been cooked by American for more than a hundred of years now and has been a comfort food; fried eggs, that was used to top everything; Sriracha Hot Sauce, that was highly marketed on a way that he got “bored with my own opinions of it”; Ramen Burger, that he called “terrible gimmick”; overfishing, that threatens the supply of fish to world and many more.

Well, during the recent years, Filipinos and Filipino cuisines has been a talk of the world. News around here and there are up noting a restaurant, stall, foods that features Filipino foods. One example is the blog entitled “Blazing a Lumpia Trail: Filipino Cuisine Finds a Foothold in New York” featuring lumpia.

To be honest? I can’t blame Zimmern.

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  1. The Filipino Cuisine is one of the most delicious cuisines in Asia. Or shall I say it is the most delicious cuisine in Asia? For me it’s a big YES!

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