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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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Bolinao, Pangasinan Food Adventure

| On 04, May 2012

The St.James Beach Resort at Ilog Malino near Patar Beach

From April 29 to May 1, as a celebration for my sister and niece’s birthday we all decided to take a vacation in Pangasinan. This time, we choose to go to Bolinao. We actually didn’t plan anything, we just went there and look for a resort that will shelter us. This vacation is quite memorable, because the sibling were all complete including the one who is working in Singapore. Plus all my four nieces.

We started our trip 11 pm of April 29. Along with our hired drivers and jeepney, the journey begins.

Our first stop is somewhere in Tarlac. I don’t bother going down to the place as I am really tired working as the photographer on my niece’s Jollibee birthday (earlier celebration).

Our second stop is in Bolinao, we stopped there to withdraw some cash. But, because I saw a bakery, I bought Pandesal. The pandesal there is very delicious, it is crunchy on the outside but soft in the inside. I can say, that for P2.00 a piece its very worthy. I can also say that the pandesal from that place is quite delicious compared to those in Manila.

The third stop is at a mini-market near Patar Beach. There are only few stores open as we arrived there about 6:00 am. But, the sea foods sold there were quite cheaper than Labrador Sea Food Stall.

The Sungayan from the mini-market near Patar Beach

I said quite cheaper, because there are also sinungay sold there. In Labrador, it’s worth P250 a kilo and a whole fish is worth P480.00 while in that mini market near Patar beach the Sungayan fish is worth P190.00 a piece. I asked the lady selling sinungay why the fish in Labrador is quite expensive and she said the sellers took advantage of us, tinaga daw kami. She added that sinugay will never cost that much. So, just in case you were in Labrador Pangasinan, take note of the prices in Labrador and Bolinao. Also, take note of the Lanie’s store in Labrador, a very bad bad seller!!! It’s really a fact that despite Filipinos are quite honest rotten tomatoes will always be mixed. There were also the one who sold me the P150.00 a bucket of oyster, but when we were going home the other stall offered only P120.00 a bucket.

We also bought yellow fin tuna worth P200 per kilo, still very cheap. But, you can really see that freshness of the fish. The woman said that it’s just freshly caught from the nearby ocean.

We also bought a kilo of flying fish worth P60.00. Flying fish are the creatures jumping from the ocean to the open air.

The grilled Sungayan

We actually availed the paluto (cooking) services offered by our chosen resort (St. James Resort in Ilog Malino, near Patar Beach). They said that they will mildly grill first the sungayan and then will remove the skin and will completely grill it. They cooked the yellow fin sinigang and the flying fish grilled as well.

On our second day, we just ate grilled porkchop and eggplant with chopped tomatoes and bagoong. On our way home, we stopped at a Carinderia in Alaminos to have our dinner.

Sinigang na Yellow Fin Tuna

The resort owner only charged us for P20.00 a dish and we only paid almost P4,000.00 for our two-day stay including the accommodation and other services.

Overall, our food adventure was great. The seafoods were all fresh, cheap and delicious plus we didn’t spend much energy in cooking as we asked them to cook it for us with for a very minimal fee.

Quick review of the beach

The St. James’ beach has fine white sand and the water is clear and quite shallow even to the further. We have been walking for about 15 minutes, yet the water is just waist deep. But, sea grasses are everywhere, I think it’s because St. James has no waves, as there is a sandbar covering the entire shore of the resort. According to Ate Vivian, the resort owner, we can walk from the shore to that sandbar, just watch out the suddenly deep parts near the sandbar.

Marlin and Nemo

From the shore, just walk to the sea and you will be in a flat rock formation where small fishes are inhibiting the place. We even saw Nemo, Marlin and Coral (three clown fish) there and other fishes. Good thing we have under water camera.

Ate Vivian and the rest of her crews were very accommodating and she used to chit chat with us. To contact Ate Vivian, you can text her at 09174552143.

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