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Food Citations | January 18, 2018

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Brownies Unlimited at SM Fairview

| On 03, Dec 2013

The Display Of Brownies Unlimited, SM Fairview. Very Tempting!!!

Last week, despite that the planned dinner with my friends was cancelled, I still didn’t waste the opportunity of going out. Simply because going out for me is a rare opportunity (lol). I just took a stroll at SM Fairview instead of wasting my outfit.

That time, I don’t know why, I’m not hungry. So, I just walked around and opted to look for something interesting.

I then stumbled with this eye-popping stall that features brownies. Since, I love brownies, I easily gave in.

The name of the stall is Brownies Unlimited. Aside from brownies, there are also cupcakes and other pasties available.

According to their website, the store is operated by Desserts Plus Inc. But, I think, this is a company owned by Henry Sy, as I read it somewhere the stall that this is a tie-up with SM. I also have proven this theory as the Favicon of the website is the logo of the mall.

Location and The Cart

The SM Fairview stall is located at Ground Level, just near the department store, Red Ribbon and a 5 minute walk from the main entrance.

The SM Fairview Food Cart

I found the stall great as the products are displayed appetizingly, the stall personnel were friendly and approachable, and the stall is quite clean and well maintained. I’ll give the personnel thumbs up.

You will also get your orders in less than a minute. I’m even surprised that my order is already waiting for me as I’m busy taking some pictures. Once again, thumbs up.

Products and Prices

The website enumerated 11 flavors of brownies, two brownie bars, eight cupcakes, two cakes, a Sambos and Silvanas.

Brownies Unlimited Price List

A single brownies will cost you P25-30.00. If you’ll buy per box, you will save more. The “Box of 12” is the largest order available. It will cost you P220.00, a price that is for me, a little high despite the personnel said that you will save P100.00.

The cupcakes is P35.00 a piece and P100.00 for a “box of 3,” making you save P5.00. Wow! Huge savings!

The Brownies Unlimited “Box of 12”

Taste and Conclusion

The brownies are moist, one characteristic that I dig for. However, there are some varieties that already has crunchy parts. As a baking fanatic, I know that brownies will soon become crispy once left in the freezer. So, I can say, the brownies I got were a little old.

The Assorted Flavors Of “Box of 12”

The taste? Still delicious. But, not the one I will hurriedly buy.

I haven’t try the cakes, sambos and sylvanas. Will update you guys in case I bought one.

This Variant Is Called The Potato Stings

As I said, I’m a brownies lover. I tried buying them from different sellers. For me, the best brownies are those by the online sellers. They are freshly baked (Sometime, still warm), moist, and a little cheaper compared to those being sold in the malls.

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