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Food Citations | February 19, 2018

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Bubbatealicious - The most affordable milk tea in the market

| On 06, Nov 2013

The Bubbatealicious — One of the best Milk Tea in town

The nearest shopping mall my place is the Ever Gotesto. Here, I used to buy stuffs I need and treats for my love ones. I’m not into traveling. So, I only go to bigger malls like SM Fairview whenever I can’t find the things I needed here.

Since this mall is quite small, you can only count the establishments and stalls. If you’ll go, don’t expect fancy restaurants, specialty stores and many more. Expect only the most common fast foods chains and food stalls.

One thing I am angry about is that there is no stall or stores catering yogurts.

However, at about last year, my eyes popped-out when I saw a stall that offers my favorite refreshment, the Milk Tea! Now, every time I go to this place, I will go home carrying a cup of Bubbatealicious.

Bubbatealicious offers milk tea with wide ranges of flavors like caramel, taro, wintermelon and many more.  It can be served hot or cold. There are also non-milk tea like strawberry passion fruit tea, mango tea and many more.

The stall, crews and owners

The stall in Ever Gotesco is located at the lower ground floor just beside Jollibee. I can say that the stall is quite maintained and cleaned. The things are quite are also organized.

The Stall of Bubbatealicious @ Ever Gotesco

The crews are fast in taking care of your orders. However, they should be more friendly as whenever I ask them questions they will just answer me with yes or no. The owners, who are visible in the place are friendly and approachable. You can even see them prepare the orders themselves and taking a little chit chats with the customers.

The Products price and my favorites

You can choose from small, medium and large. You’ll pay P40.00 to P80.00, depending on the size. For me, the prices are very ok. It’s quite lower than the milk teas in the market.

I always buy the large cup.

The Pricelist – cheaper than other milk tea sellers in the market.

For me, nothing beats the ordinary sweet iced milk tea. So, I always buy the royal milk tea flavor. I tried all the flavors of the milk tea and so far, I love all of them.

Check out my description:

  • Taro – Has this pulpy and mushy feel that for me is a great experience.
  • Caramel – Just sweeter than the royal or ordinary milk tea.
  • Chocolate – Milk tea with choco kicks. The after taste of tea is not sacrificed. This also has small bits of chocolates that makes you chewing.
  • Wintermelon – Has this unexplainable fruity flavor that I love. Here in the Philippines winter melon is called kundol. (now, you know!)
  • Strawberry – At first, I was hesitant to buy this.  But, at the first sip, I’m impressed. I never knew that strawberry and tea can really go along.
  • Matcha Milk Tea – This is the most expensive. This is still delicious. However, this is least flavor of the milk tea I’ll order. There was this minty aftertaste.

The Royal Milk Tea Large Cup

As of the writing, I only tried the Wild Berries Fruit Tea of the non-milk section. Not a big fan.


As a milk tea lover, Bubbatealicious is such a heaven sent-stall for me. With the way the drink was prepared and presented to the taste itself, Bubbatea is awesome.

At first, I only ask them with few pearls as I’m not into too much chewing. But, when the time I found that the crystals (jellies) go well with the drink, I always ask them to replace the pearls with crystals.

For the overall verdict I will give Bubbatealicious 9.5 over 10.

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