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Food Citations | January 18, 2018

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Cajun, Red Rock (Fuel) Restaurant at Robinsons Galleria

Cajun, Red Rock (Fuel) Restaurant at Robinsons Galleria

Last December 19, without planning, two of my college buddies, Rogel and Jack decided to meet each other at Robinsons Galleria. It’s a little late by that time and some of the restaurants were already closed. But, Cajun was still open so we decided to dine in to that place.

The Place

Cajun, Red Rock (Fuel) is located at the fourth floor of Robinsons Galleria near the Robinson’s Cinema. The place, I can say is comfortable enough for dining. The chairs are sofa-like, that are and can seat 2 people. The distances of chairs and tables from each other are enough to make dining experience great. In terms of cleanliness, I’ll give them 9 out of 10. The lights, of course, just like any other restaurants are dim.

Cajun’s place. See the chairs and table, it’s quite comfortable

I just got confused with the real name of the Restaurant, is it Cajun Fuel or Cajun Red Rock? Because if you will look in their Banner name on top of the place it’s Cajun Fuel, but, in the menu, it’s Cajun Red Rock.

Overall, Cajun’s place is quite impressive for me.

The Service and Personnel

Rex was the one who took care of us. For me, he’s quite good. He is polite, courteous and quick. I asked my two friends if they liked Rex’s service, they said yes.

After the menus were given to us, Rex came back carrying a plate of popcorn for finger foods. Not sure if they really intended it for appetizers, but It’s my first time to have popcorn. Pop corn as appetizers, I think is a little off. As far as I know pop corn can’t boost your appetite. I advice that they serve a piece of sandwich.

The Food, Price and Taste


My friend, Rogel ordered Mustard Pepper worth P270.00. It is a dish where you can choose between chicken or pork (he chose chicken), the meat is drizzled with sauce made from ground pepper and mustard. It is also served with sauteed vegetable and special rice.

Jack, ordered Bourbon Chops worth P360.00. It is a pork dish drizzled in a special red sauce with vegetables and rice. Based on the menu, the dish is the best seller.

Me, Ringo ordered Chicken Marsala worth P295.00. It is a dish with a grilled chicken topped with Creole style mushroom sauce. It is also served with side dish and rice.

Rogel’s food, the Mustard Pepper worth P270.00

Jack’s meal the Bourbon Chops worth P360.00

Cajun order.jpg

My order, the Chicken Marsala worth P295.00

From the dishes we ordered, you are free to choose 1 side dish and rice.

Jack and I ordered a fruit juice. For jack, it’s mango juice and for me, it’s 4 seasons. Both worth P89.00.

I asked both of them, are their orders delicious? Both of them said yes. I always took a glimpse to both of them if they were enjoying and based on my observations, they are. For me, the foods were great, the chicken is soft and ohh! the sauce was fantastic. Being a vegetable lover, I loved the sauteed vegetable.

Jack and ringo drinks.jpg

Jack’s and drinks, Mango juice and 4 seasons worth P80.00 each

The Verdict

My friend, Jack, being a very frugal girl said to me “Ok lang ba Ringz? Dito tayo kakain?” She asked me because I told her it’s my treat, she told me the foods were expensive. But, I said it’s ok. After eating, I found out why.

For me, it’s a little pricey, but not on a way that you will become broke after eating. Adding the kind of service plus the taste of the foods, I’ll say the prices were deserving. I  tried to finish all my food as I really got bloated. I don’t know why, I haven’t eaten my dinner that time. Maybe the foods were really heavy. I even asked Jack to have my drink as there were really no more room in my stomach. Rogel, my other friend also told me that he loved the food and the services in the place.

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