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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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Cantinetta Restaurant at Bonifacio Global City Taguig

| On 22, Feb 2013

So our Executive assistant and I made a pact; to be able to eat at every restaurant found around our area. Oh well this has to be fun. Set aside the fact that I entered the year with the hopes of following a diet plan and getting my shape back. But who wouldn’t want food? I mean good food.

For today, it has to be Cantinetta Restaurant at Burgos Circle, Forbes Town Center, Bonifacio Global City Taguig. Which seems to have a not so congested ambiance.

As we entered, I immediately proceeded to the bar and hoped that I would see big pictures of food they serve. Maybe the fast-food chains have greatly affected that action of mine. You know, I’ve internalized the habit of falling in line for your order. Hahahaha I need to practice not doing this at Class A restaurants I go or else! What I thought was a bar where we can order our meal has nothing but wines neatly arranged on racks. So I went back to the table where my pal was sitting holding the menu. (I immediately felt embarrassed then.) The waitress went and arranged our table and utensils.


I right away noticed that the interior of this restaurant lacks space that I can hear everything the people say on the table next to us. Anyway, they have tables outside which I think is a better location to eat. But, too late, they already served the appetizer. It looks yummy. I forgot its name but it’s a plate of what look like pizza. It’s like breads with different toppings. It was really yummy that I almost thought of cancelling our order since this appetizer already satisfied me.

We were supposed to be a group of three so we ordered Al Gorgonzola (P1900) and Florentina (P1900) which are for sharing. Aside from that, we also ordered Gamberetti ala Regis as our pasta (P430) Let me describe these according to what the menu poetically says. Al Gorgonzola is a plate of steak served with gorgonzola sauce, gratinated vegetables and either mashed or roasted potatoes. Florentina on the other hand looks pretty the same but without the gorgonzola sauce. I find this funny, but okay yes, they don’t taste alike at all. Fortunately, our other pal, wasn’t able to join us and we have no choice but eat everything we ordered ourselves. By the way, the first two plates, I think are good for four people.

I do not have any negative things to say about this restaurant aside from the “lack of space” thingy I noticed. Oh my goodness, their steak is good, very good. It’s very tender and very well cooked. I ate a lot and forgot about my diet. Well, they have to do good because their meals are not cheap.

I think, this is one of the restaurants I would get back to, especially if it’s steak I’m craving.

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