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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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Cashew Butter, Tart and Butter Scotch from Palawan

Cashew Butter, Tart and Butter Scotch from Palawan

Palawan’s number product was the cashew nut. The vendors selling cashew nuts are like mushroom all over the place. My oldest brother took a vacation there for almost a week (Damn! Im jealous). When he got back, he took home Cashew Butter, Tart and Butter Scotch. All are made from cashew nuts.

The Cashew Tart

Tarts are pies with caramel as fillings. Usually tart’s feelings are ¬†made from combination of honey butter and egg. Others put some special ingredients to make it tastier. The tart from Palawan are small, boat-size that is sold in the streets of Puerto Princesa. Probably, designed for take home. For me, nothing is special with these tarts. They are like any ordinary tarts nothing special and I can compare the taste to those that can be bought from the markets in Manila.

A pack of Cashew Tart is worth P110.00 for 25 pieces. P4.00 each, quite cheap.

Cashew Butter Scotch and Tart, removed from their package, I found the tart ordinary, but the Butter Scotch delicious

The Cashew Butter Scotch

I am a very big digger for butter scotch. Specially if it is moist. Obviously, I will enjoy the butter scotch from Palawan. Though the Butter Scotch that my bro took home was dry and I bet they have been in the shelf for many days, it’s still delicious for me.

The cuts, for me are quite small.

The taste of these Butter Scotch is quite different from those in the super market. Maybe, because of the pounded cashew nuts added to the delights.

The Cashew Butter Scotch is worth P120.00 for 20 pieces. P6.00 each, still cheap for me.

The Cashew Butter

The Cashew Butter is the counter part of peanut butter spread. The process of making this Cashew Butter is the same process like of the peanut’s. I am not peanut butter lover, but I don’t hate it.

The jar of Cashew Butter within 24 hours that jar is already empty

Compared to peanut butter, Cashew Butter is smoother and have lesser oil. It’s a little creamier as well. Just like, peanut butter, cashew butter is also grainy.

I prefer to have Cashew Butter than peanut butter to my bread.

The Cashew Butter is worth P110.00.

The Verdict

I love Palawan, it’s one of my dream to go there and visit it. I am dying to witness the Underground River and other hidden beaches where you have to dive first for you to reach them. However, their number product is a little disappointing.

I asked my bro, if the meals he have taken in Palawan is great. He said yes. The buffet of his hotel is impressive.

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