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Food Citations | February 23, 2018

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Man Devours One-Kilo Burrito In One Minute

May 19, 2015 |

Check this video showing a young man devoured a kilo of burrito in one minute.

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Jollibee Declared as Top Foreign Fast Food in America

October 3, 2014 |

Jollibee had been a common name in the Philippines. This has always been the number one choice of families, specially those with kids, to spend a bonding moment.

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Bangus Swam to Pasig River after Storm

July 18, 2014 |

Thousands of bangus (Milk fish) ended up in Pasig River right after the Typhoon Glenda (International name Rammasun) leaves the Philippines.

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Sbarro to File for Bankruptcy?

March 7, 2014 |

Sbarro, the Italian Pizza Chain popularly known to serve the freshest pizza to mall goers was reportedly preparing to file for bankruptcy following a nine-month-monitoring of the company’s performance.

In a report by Wall Street Journal, the company is soliciting votes due by the end of this week for the Chapter 11 filing that will serve as protection from creditors as it restructures while struggling with demand and debt costs. Sbarro could file the Chapter 11 protection as early as Sunday this week.

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Bill Seeks to Declare Adobo as National Food

February 28, 2014 |

A House leader filed a bill declaring icons as the country’s national symbols, which includes adobo as the “National Food”.

House Committee on Tourism Chairman and Representative of the first district of Bohol Rene Relampagos, filed the House Bill 3926 noting that “National symbols represent its country, its people, its history and culture.”

He wanted adobo be hailed as the country’s national food, bakya as national slippers, bahay kubo as national house and jeepney as national vehicle.

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Andrew Zimmern Includes Filipino Cuisines Among Top Food Trend in 2013

December 17, 2013 | | One Comment
Top Food Trend in 2013 by Andrew Zimmern

Cronuts, Andrew Zimmern and Sriracha Hot Sauce (Credit: People)

It is reiterated here in this blog that Filipinos has his very sensitive taste buds. To other people it’s delicious, but to us, it isn’t. This conclusion also goes with culinary skills. Due to the fact that we are picky in terms of food taste, we want the foods we make to be tasteful and very delicious.

I’m saying this not because I am a Filipino. But, because of my observation. World known food enthusiasts testified that we can really make the most flavor-explosive foods in the world.

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Fun Facts About Chocolate

December 14, 2013 |

Bars of chocolates available at Chocolate Lover

Chocolates is one of those foods that will never be out of season. Whatever age and gender people can’t resist this tooth-aching yummy. Me, chocolate is one of those things that first come into my mind whenever I wanted to have my self some sweeties.

What’s great is that chocolate bars are everywhere. I don’t have to commute whenever I crave for one.

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Foods that help you ease your dry cough

November 19, 2013 |

Cure cough naturally

In the past two weeks, I suffered the worst dry cough of my life. That was the first time I got a dry cough that keeps me awake all night with fever and uneasiness for almost a week. That was also the first time that my cough will trigger to the simple things like speaking. It affected my work as I can’t speak to my students and can’t think well while writing an article for my blogs.

I consulted a doctor and he just prescribed me over the counter drugs that never helped. This forced me to look for home remedies for dry cough, use the tips and now my cough, as of the writing, is easing.

Please be noted that all the herbs and foods that I will enumerate are all based on my personal experience.

Here are some of the home remedies for dry cough:

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13 food hacks that one must know

September 11, 2013 |

Check out the food hacks I found via Facebook. These simple hacks will help us in dealing with simple kitchen tasks.

Please be noted that the pictures that I’m abut to show are not mine. I just found it on my Facebook feeds and sharing it with you guys.

If you are the owner of the picture and wanted it out of my post just send me a message 🙂

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Diet sodas – What does it do to your body?

August 20, 2013 |

Who in heck doesn’t want a ripping body? Who doesn’t want to stay slim and fit? For me, my answer is none. It’s hypocrisy to say that you don’t like to have a body that everybody dreamed of. Or, the health status that everyone’s struggling to have.

Gyms are everywhere, diet ideas are around and even foods claiming to make someone fit are written all over the internet are proofs that people are into healthy lifestyle.

However, some of the alternatives are quite deceiving. The publicity for such are far more beyond the reality.

Aspartame for example, is a sweetener that is 200 times an ordinary table sugar. This is present to some beverages, most particularly to what is known as diet sodas.

During Summer here in the Philippines, my head goes nuts every time I used to see advertisement pertaining to diet sodas. The companies are claiming that these sweeteners can actually make someone slimmer.

This article is all about aspartame, the main sweetener of diet sodas, it’s effect to human bodies and how dangerous it is.

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Weird Fruits Some People Don’t Know Existed

July 16, 2013 |

Weird is a term used for something unusual, odd and strange. We can say someone or something is weird when a majority found it different. So, we can say weird is ordinary to someone, but different to others. In example, eating a meal with bare hands is something that Filipinos do everyday. However, Americans and other westerners will found it odd or maybe, won’t do it.

From the title itself, I will enlist some of the weird fruits that can be seen here in the Philippines. I may not be sure if it’s weird with you, but it’s a little weird for me.


Durian is a fruit native to Southeast Asia. The fruit can be distinguished by it’s spiky and round appearance. The yellow flesh inside is edible. You can also identify it by the strong odor.

According to some historians, Durian with scientific name Durio kutejensis was said to have originated in the Philippines and since it can grow easily in tropical climates, it just numbered to the residing countries. In the Philippines, you can see it sold in the sidewalks along the Davao region.

I’m a fruit lover, but if you’ll serve me some Durian, I’ll have my head moving left and right. Why? This is because of the foul odor that this fruit has. The smell is a close resemblance to rotting onions. Many people will agree with me, as this is prohibited inside a public transportation. People who carry the fruits should surrender this to the drivers and conductors and will keep it away from people.

I was dared by my friend to try and to be fair, it’s like eating a creamy and pulpy jack fruit inside a lavatory.

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Jollibee Singapore wows the world, tops worldwide sales

July 4, 2013 |

Jollibee Singapore

Jollibee  was one of the fast food chains I grew up with. I’m one of those kids who loves the chant “Isa pa, isa pa, isa pang Chicken Joy,” with actions pointing the fingers upward with both wrists moving up and down.

Until today, I still can’t resist the foods Jollibee serves. Just recently, I made a post about the coming back of their Aloha Burger and I love it. I’m one of those who wish it will never be out of their menu. Try that burger and it will never fail to impress.

My youngest sister and I ordered via Jollibee delivery; and while waiting for the delivery personnel to arrive, my sister said to me that in Singapore, the Jollibee is box-office. I’m not actually surprised on what she said as the Yahoo! Singapore conducted a blind test for fried chickens in the country and found out the Jollibee’s is the best among the rest. However, I didn’t imagine anything.

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The good healthy oils to cook with

January 31, 2013 |

During my high school to college years, I am a fan of the huge and rectangular wallet. But, because the fact that I don’t have money, I buy those cheap. Every three months, I used to change my wallet as they are getting worn out. One time, I decided to buy the same, but the one with a thousand price tag. Well, I can say that it’s worthy as until today, I haven’t changed it.

They said: “Quality Comes a Price” and I agree, if you want quality, you should pay an amount.

This also goes with being healthy. If you wanted to become a person with a sound mind and body, invest. Invest not just time, effort, but money as well.

The best example of investment to being healthy is dealing with cooking oils. Vegetable oil comes cheap, but will also cause you something. Mostly of the vegetable oil in your nearest market are fats. These fats are easily absorbed by the cells, but will oxidize easily causing immature and inflamed cells. Such cells sometime blocked arteries.

Fatty acids are also present to the vegetable oil in the market. This is a very big factor different type of cancer, heart attack, high cholestrol and many more.

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