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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Brown Sugar Myth: Is It Really Better Than White Sugar?

September 23, 2017 |

We used to hear that if you wanted to lose weight we should replace white sugar with the brown one. Is it really that way? Is brown sugar the healthier choice and the better for people who wanted to lose weight?

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These Japan Popsicles Don’t Easily Melt

August 11, 2017 |

It will never be fun hanging outside with your friends during rainy days. We don’t want going home wet, looking like a soggy knight after braving the flood.

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Jollibee Declared as Top Foreign Fast Food in America

October 3, 2014 |

Jollibee had been a common name in the Philippines. This has always been the number one choice of families, specially those with kids, to spend a bonding moment.

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Food Find: Snake Fruit

October 1, 2014 |

My mother use to tell me that during the early stages of her pregnancy for me, she use to look for Green Mangoes on Sticks. She recalled that she can chow down 10 mangoes on sticks in one sitting.

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Mogu Mogu Boom Boom Cap Promo!

September 6, 2014 |

One of the country’s leading provider of instant refreshment, Mogu Mogu has something for us.

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Bangus Swam to Pasig River after Storm

July 18, 2014 |

Thousands of bangus (Milk fish) ended up in Pasig River right after the Typhoon Glenda (International name Rammasun) leaves the Philippines.

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Americans Try Street Foods

July 10, 2014 |

Last May, BuzzFeed came into ideas of letting their American employees try Jollibee and the result? Hilarious.

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Version of Adobo

July 7, 2014 |

Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow decided to take on a Filipino dish and posted it via her lifestyle blog Goop.

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Biscoff Cookie Spread Review – The Spread and Cookies in One

June 3, 2014 |


I believe in the saying “Men are Rice, Women are Sandwich,” idiomatically and literally. Women are softer, but harder to make while men are harder, but easier to cook. And since I belong to a group composed of both men … Read More

Watch: Americans Try Jollibee Meals

May 23, 2014 | | One Comment

Filipino people can’t get enough of Jollibee. Maybe, due to the fact that this fast food chain has provided the Filipinos with different types of meals that suit different types of people, age, gender and status.

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Bill Seeks to Declare Adobo as National Food

February 28, 2014 |

A House leader filed a bill declaring icons as the country’s national symbols, which includes adobo as the “National Food”.

House Committee on Tourism Chairman and Representative of the first district of Bohol Rene Relampagos, filed the House Bill 3926 noting that “National symbols represent its country, its people, its history and culture.”

He wanted adobo be hailed as the country’s national food, bakya as national slippers, bahay kubo as national house and jeepney as national vehicle.

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How to cure hangovers

January 8, 2014 |

One of the main reason why I’m an occasional drinker is that I have a very low tolerance in alcohol. I’ll be tipsy in just two bottles of San Mig Light and might throw up after a few more.

Another reason is that when I got hangovers, I literally suffer. My world spins and hard headaches is up during such situations.

When I don’t do something about it, my body will take a whole day to nurse it. And, I don’t want that happen as to my age — career and work is important.

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Ricoa Flat Tops – The slightly expensive kiddie thrills

December 27, 2013 | | 2 Comments

I never met a kid who hates sweet things. If one of them existed, I will invite them to my house and have some vegetable salad and paella. Just kidding! Anyway, sweet tooth among children is perfectly normal. Why? It is because they have more than 10,000 taste buds with majority are sensitive to sweetness. Also, there are findings that children, specially those who are breastfed, are getting used to the sweetness of the milk on a way that they looked for it until their toddler years. Cool, right?!

This same goes with my childhood. I am one of those kids who always crave for sugary bites. However, being the one with little money, I can only munch on those very cheap sweets.

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