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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Chef Dino Ferrari: The "Next Celebrity Chef" and a Truly Proud Filipino

| On 24, Feb 2012

Chef Dino Ferrari, photo credit to Interaksyon

Whether others will admit it or not, Filipinos have the greatest culinary skills as we have the most sensitive taste buds in the world. Sometimes, my foreigner friends found the foods delicious while we, the Filipinos found it bland. Well, this statement of mine was proven in the recently concluded Next Asian Food Channel Celebrity Chef competition by E&O. The representative of the Philippines, who actually doesn’t have any formal culinary arts training and experience won.

After 8 long weeks of competition, Filipino chef, Chef Dino Ferrari out-performed all 35 finalist from all over Asia including executive chefs, restaurant owners, and local and international chef who have been in the international scenes.

In the said competition, Chef Dino, 26, a Pampanga hailed with Swiss father said that he was intimidated and lost a little hope for the competition as most of the contestants were handing everyone their business cards and the titles written on it, made him wow. Some of them were even asking him his position and he was just answering that he is a private chef.

I was so intimidated by some of the chefs. Some of the chefs were giving out business cards. I was just there taking the business cards and introducing myself as a private chef – without a business card.

According to a blog post, there is a tight competition between Ferrari and a culinary teacher Diane Montecillo where the two put up a very good fight. But, Ferrari was able to keep his cool in the “Ridiculous  Challenge” where he have to cook for a banquet of 300 distinguished guests.

I am a student whereas Diane (Montecillo) is an experienced instructor. She is confident and has superb cooking skills. She was highly competitive and that pushed me to work harder. I believe my added advantage was my positive spirit and unbridled enthusiasm to gain knowledge on Asian cuisine. Despite the challenges, the last six weeks have been rewarding.

There is also a point that a restaurateur from Hong Kong questioned the decision as Chef Dino’s winning pieces where simple and some of them were  comfort food. But, Dino, a self-proclaimed Adobo sucker said that simplicity is the best.

At that point, I realized my dishes were simple. But sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go.

As the winner of the said competition, Ferrari won a one year contract with AFC and a long term employment. As of now, he is in Malaysia where he took a position of E&O’s Creative Director. He will also going to have his own cooking show for the said channel.

To know more about Asian Food Channel [CLICK HERE].

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