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Food Citations | January 18, 2018

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Choco Mallows: My Kiddie Prized Treat

Choco Mallows: My Kiddie Prized Treat

| On 28, Mar 2014

The chocolate-coated marsh mallow is actually a world-wide treat. The size, shapes, and packaging varies from one territory to another. Countries like Denmark and United Kingdom considered this as one of their “national confection.”

Here in the Philippines, there are also different brands of chocolate-coated marshmallows. Such also vary in sizes with some even using the most sought-after chocolates. But, there was one that standout among the rest and it is the Fibisco’s.

Fibisco Choco Mallows has been there making Filipinos – in all walks of life – happy. I asked my oldest sister if she was able to see such delights when she was a kid, she said yes. So, this is already a part of Filipinos for many decades now.

Choco Mallows Opened Box

Choco Mallows was one of those kiddie treats that me and my friends would die just to have. As far as I can remember, this was one of those sweeties that my parents, older brothers and sisters use to bribe in exchange of something. During those times, I don’t have the money to buy it, so, I will instantly give in with what they wanted.

Now, I’m getting my revenge. I love using Choco Mallows to make my nieces follow me (evil laugh).

Kidding aside, the younger generations of my family are now also making great memories with the use of Choco Mallows. While I’m still in college I use to take them home for my that-time-two-nieces. Now, I have to buy four boxes of the treat. My nieces will always come running when I reveal what I have for them.


What’s great is that Fibisco retained the yellow packaging that my kiddie eyes love; I think my nieces also thought of the same. As far as I know, those carton packs containing six Choco Mallows was the lone available packaging. But today, I think as part of strategy to reach those schooling generations, Fibisco came up with two-pieces pack. There are even plastic bags containing hundred pieces of the treats; but, I rarely see them now.

The carton pack is worth P28.00 while the the two-piece-pack is worth P12.00. Since the base is a cookie, I think the price is just ok.


I think kids love the Fibisco’s because of the soft and spongy type of marshmallow that will melt in your mouth. It is quite different to those chewy that’ll got stuck in between your teeth.

Now that I can afford to buy some costly pastries I can say that there are chocolate-coated marsh mallows that are better tasting than the Fibisco’s. But, due to price and availability, Choco Mallows stood among the rest.

Choco Mallows have contributed to my happy and colorful childhood. I think that it’s also a factor for my niece’s and will definitely continue to give the next generations some happy moments.

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