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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Chocolate Lover: The Best Baking Supplier in the Metro

Chocolate Lover: The Best Baking Supplier in the Metro

Many of my friends and family members knew that I love cooking very much. Though I am a main course guy, I also loved making desserts.

Way back, when I am still working in this BPO company at Cybergate 3 in Mandaluyong, I can always see this castle from the MRT view and am really curious about it. When I checked the internet, it was the Chocolate Lover office where you can buy different baking products.

When I went there in 2010, I got astonished with the products they are catering. You can buy 1 kilo of chocolate bar for only P100+ and other other baking products like chocolate molds, confectioners and many more. This place is like a heaven for me.

The Place and Schedules

There were actually two stores of Chocolate Lover, the main was in Cubao and the other one was in Kintalad, Quezon Avenue. I went to the Cubao branch last January 24.

The Cubao Branch stands in 45 P.Tuazon Blvd. corner, C. Benites St. Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines. When you are in the MRT Cubao station, facing the Taft way, go down to your right (Edsa-Arayat).  You can ride the orange tricycle (BAPTODA) and just say to the driver to drop you off the Chocolate Lovers. The fare is only P18.00.

The branch is open from Mondays to Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and every Sunday 9 1 p.m.

The Chocolate Lover in Cubao QC, Phto credit to their Facebook Fanpage

The Cubao branch is awesome, I love the interiors and other designs of the place. As I mentioned earlier, you can see the view while riding the MRT and it’s really attractive. One of the craziest thing that came into my mind is that the castle itself is edible.

The Chocolates from 1/2 kilo to 1 kilo, pictures were taken before they notify us
Other  awesome products like nips-like candies, chocolate balls and jelly beans were also available

Upon entering the branch you can smell the aroma of chocolate that will really keep you relaxed. In terms of organizing the products, I can say that it’s fair enough. But, I would like to suggest to them that they should compile the consumable products to the tools and other non-consumables. I am trying to look for the heart-shaped packaging materials as it was not in the stall of the same kind and to found out that it was in the chocolate section.

You are not allowed to take pictures. But, I already took many pictures before someone notified me. Then I stopped and apologized. But, I will still use the pictures I took from my friend’s phone. I even talked to many people regarding taking pictures as I will review their store, but there were no supervisor or officer in charge to decide upon the matter and Miss Mae said that I should submit letter to the owner for approval.

The Employees, Products and Prices

The employees were approachable and I found them kind. They are willing to answer your questions and based on my point of view, most of them undergo training about baking so they can answer queries. Every Sunday, the employees told me that there were no owner or supervisors in the store. Only the stay-in personnel. So, if you have a business deal, make sure you will go on weekdays.

If I will give them a grade in terms of training employees, I will give them 95% and a standing ovation as I am really satisfied with the employee’s skills (Hindi pa sila kumpleto niyan).

The half kilo of chocolate (bitter, semi-sweet, white etc) averages from P78.00-P103.00 while the 1 kilo of chocolate averages from P185-P200+. Chocolate Lover is the only store that I know catering chocolates per kilo, so I can’t compare their prices to others.

My orders, those are all worth P520.00

In terms of other baking products like confectioners, molds, baking tools they have higher prices. I am really surprised that their chocolate toppings or what is called Jimmies (they call it vermicelli) is a little expensive. The 50 grams is worth P25.00. To back-up my observation, I went to Commonwealth Market and asked a seller how much is the 50 grams of such candies and it’s only P20.00. How about in Divisoria? Wholesalers in Commonwealth Market got their products there.

Look at this Jimmies package beside my coin purse, it’s worth P25.00. You guys decide

Services and Contacts

Aside from the supplies for retailers, bakers and wholesalers, they also have classes for baking. I forgot to ask them about their classes, but I know they will teach you the proper way to melt chocolates and recipes for a mouth watering desserts. I even noticed a poster in the entrance that there is a woman’s hand bag made from chocolate and it’s fantastic.

More for information about their classes you can contact them through the following details:

My Conclusion

When I got home, I showed the chocolate I bought to my sister and my nieces. They are really astonished with the product. I even allow them to taste the semi-sweet chocolate and my nieces said that it tasted like Goya. I joked “kaya mong ubusin yan ate? (Can you eat all of those?)” referring to my oldest niece and without hesitation she said yes. This just means that all you need to do is to melt the chocolates and you can now sell them.

True enough, I found the chocolates great. Me and my friend even got the idea of selling chocolate this coming Valentines day and bought 10 pieces of the packaging materials.

Overall I loved this place, there were products that you can’t find in groceries that is available in the store.

Am I recommending this place? Of course 100%, specially if you are a cooking enthusiast. Go to this place and you don’t want to go home anymore. Just be sure that you will set aside some of your money for your fare as you can’t help but to buy. Go to that place now and fall in love.

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I am Ringo and allow me to say not an ordinary man. I've been working home base since 2009 and as of now, has no plans of returning to corporate. Web designer. Frustrated chef. Foodie. Good son (ehem!). Good father (to two labrador retrievers). And, a servant of God.



  1. I was SO grateful to have found Chocolate Lover. Until I tried to pay using a Union Bank Visa Check Card. After 1.5 hours of shopping and racking up 4998 pesos worth of stuff they couldn’t wrap their brains around what a Visa Check Card is nor could I convince them to just try running the card as a local credit card. VisaCheck has been in the Philippines for 5 years now but the “manager” wasn’t aware of it.

    “sir, we don’t accept debit cards”.

    No problem, just run it as a local credit card.

    “Umm, for a while”.

    They refused to swipe it. 35 minutes going back and forth asking each other what to do and searching for the manager (who had just disappeared) and all they would do is keep asking me to wait. The line was stopped and they refused to open another register so EVERYONE was stuck. Finally after 45 minutes I’d had enough and just swiped the card myself and of course it WORKED!

    So while I love that I FINALLY found a place to buy powdered buttermilk after 8 years of searching I’ll never step foot in that place again.

    If you’re too stupid / lazy to keep up with methods of payment that have been around for FIVE YEARS….

    If you’re too cowardly to just try swiping a card b/c you’re afraid the world will stop spinning…..

    If you’re such a bad manager you leave an upset customer and go sit on your BUTT in the “wholesale” department while your minions who you have not trained or empowered to make simple decisions run around in circles like chickens with their heads cut off…..

    Well then you won’t be getting any more of my business

    • Mitch Fajardo

      I was there when that happened. Actually, i was really shocked to see customer Mr. Mark Womack getting very very angry and cursing and bad mouthing the sales staff and cashier of Chocolate Lover. It was not an acceptable behavior specially in a public place. The other customers and I were in disbelief. Good thing i did not bring my daughter at that time to shop with me. We consumers and customers should respect the store’s policy we’re buying at. Rules are made to be followed. I think that customer should undergo an Anger Management therapy.

      • Jennifer Reyes

        I have just had a bad encounter with this man as well. I’m actually shocked to read his name on a random chocolate blog search I was doing in the Philippines! He is a a very rude man who believes we are all stupid because our country is third world and he is an all SUPERIOR american . He is not a nice man. He will have a very hard time in our country with the bad attitude he has. All he has to do is mess with one wrong person and I’m sure he will be deported to whatever trash can he came from. This man does not need anger management, he needs a slap on the head.

  2. Mitch Fajardo

    One more thing, i think swiping your card yourself was very very RUDE.

  3. Girlie Rals

    It’s a always a joy to lurk here.

    Thanks Kuya Ringo!

    • Ringo


      Nice to know that some of my friends are visiting my blog. Thanks 🙂

  4. Girlie Rals

    It’s always a joy to lurk here. :p

  5. teresa

    hello poh! naguumisa palang poh kami sa aming small bzness ask ko lang poh kung meron poh nakakaalam ng price list nila kahit na poh ung estemate lang poh para poh may idea kami kung san bibili ng mga sangkap tulad poh ng mga chocolate bar compound chocolate, toppings at moulder… dito poh ako sa angeles city… meron din poh kasi chocolate lover sa san fernando tenk u poh… sana poh matulungan nio poh ako…

  6. eh gagu naman pala tong si mr.mark Womack.bastos at arogante.
    dapat bago ka nag shopping dapat tinanung mo muna ung cashier kung pwede ung gagamitin mong card.hindi ung gagawa ka ng sarili mong rule.
    Basta I found out na the best talaga ang Chocolate Lover.

  7. Tanung ko lang po kung meron kayung branch ir po sa tarlac or pangasinan? Oh sa malapit lang po dito tarlac. Salamat po

    • Ringo

      Hi Miss Angelica, there is a branch in Pampanga. Here are the contact deatails:

      Address: Unit 107 ARIA PLACE, National Highway, Jasa (Olongapo-Gapan Road) Dolores, City of San Fernando, Pampanga

      Tel: (045) 435-1821
      Mobile: 0933-6242013

      • annadine

        Thank u for the info 🙂

      • zandra mae manalo

        Hello. Yung branch niyo po sa san Fernando pampanga nag eexist pa po ba? Aria place right? 🙂

  8. nollen oamil

    May branch po ba kayo near lipa city batangas or san pablo laguna? Thank u po…

  9. Jan Jan

    Hi Ringo! I sell candies at schools in our province. I bought these swirl lollipops with the label – MAC AND CEDIE. Homemade candies and they are bestsellers! I would like to order directly from them so I don’t have to go to divisoria anymore. I came across your blog in the course of my internet search for them. Hope you could help me out on this. As well as the contact details for kukilitos crinkles that’s based in San Jose del Monte, bulacan.
    Thanks a lot and more power!

    • queenie

      hi Jan, I’m from Mindanao. I’m looking for the contact numbers of Mac and Cedie too. Have you got it? Thanks

  10. Jan

    Hi Ringo! Am trying to locate the maker of swirl lollipops and candy canes under the label of Mac and Cedie homemade candies. I bought these in Divisoria but I would like to be able to buy directly from the supplier. Am wondering if you have any idea how to get in touch with them? As well as with TJM Cookies, maker of kukulitos crinkles. Thanks!

    • Mr. Yim

      Jan I know the owner of TJM Cookies, maker of kukulitos and crinkles. Please send me an SMS via 09351770267. Cheers!

    • Diane

      Hi Jan. I was just curious. Were you able to find Mac and Cedie? I am also looking for them.

    • jackornedo

      Hi jan, was wondering if you found the supplier yet. Im on a hunt too. The candy in our place is a jackpot.

  11. jhaz

    still open pa po ba? im looking for chocolate bar and also moulders.

  12. len

    Ask ko lang po kng pwede po b shipping?

  13. patrick

    Sir, how much po yung packaging na heart? meron din po ba silang ganyan na tray na for 12 pcs tsaka pang 6 pcs? Thanks! 😀

  14. Rosalin Chan

    May branch po ba sa angeles pampanga? Pwedi po b shipping?

  15. Durvin Pasaludos

    They are still open you can also visit their website as far as I know they are open mon to sun na, you can also check the store locations and the contact numbers nila.

  16. hazel ann

    Wala po ba kayong branch here in pangasinan?

  17. Chanda

    hi I am looking for chocolate dust or any chocolate cookie crushed. Do you have any of them in your store. We need it for our fund raising in our department. wala po kasi stock sa store na binibilhan ko sa angeles. And we need it by saturday. pls reply if you have it so we can go sa branch nyo sa san fernando. anyway ginagamit ko din kasi yun for small business ko.2 months na po ako di nakakagawa dahil wala pong stock sa angeles. thanks po.

  18. Norma garcia

    Meron po ba kaung silpat silicone baking mat and how much?

  19. dayda

    Pwede po ba mag-order ng chocolate sa online? taga mindanao kasi kami.

  20. jackornedo

    Hi jan, have you found the supplier.
    Im on a hunt too. The candy in our place is a jackpot.

  21. jackornedo

    Hi ringo, help naman na malocate yung MAC MAC and CEDIE

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