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Food Citations | December 12, 2017

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Chocolate Moron another Visayan delicacy

| On 03, Dec 2012

Chocolate Moron

Rice cake — this was one of the widely used term for Philippine desserts. When you are looking for a dessert in the Philippines that is made from rice don’t use the term rice cake as people here will come up with thousands of varieties that has the English name rice cake.

Just a simple reminder, know the local name of the rice cake that you wanted to taste.

The last delicacy that I posted here was the Binagol – A Visayan delicacy that a brother of mine bought in Tacloban during his business trip. Now, I am also posting another delicacy known in the Visayan region that is called the Chocolate Moron.

Chocolate Moron or known as Moron is one of the rice cakes of the Philippines. This is made from ground glutinous rice, cocoa powder, sugar and coconut milk.  Some also put whole or ground nuts in order to add chewing effect and grainy texture to the treats. The mixture is wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.

Despite Moron was claimed as a delicacy in the Visayan, you can different types  of Moron all throughout the Philippines.

My oldest brother brought the treats from Tacloban and said that a piece will cost you P8.00, which I can say is worthy for the taste of the product. Each Morom is measuring less than 3 inches each and can be seen throughout the main markets of Visayas, specifically in Tacloban area.

Moron from Tacloban

A friend of mine claimed that shop owners will have free tastes, a sign that they are confident with their products.

According to another friend who has relatives who are natives of the Visayan Region, the traditional way of cooking these exquisite munchies are still kept. It is believed that the products cooked the traditional way are still the best.

I don’t know why, the Moron coming from the Visayan region tastes quite good compared to the locally sold in Metro Manila. There was this distinct creaminess and special flavor that your tongue can taste. This treats will keep you chewing, because of it’s sticky texture, but will never hurt your jaw. But, when your lucky enough you’ll got an almost jelly-like Moron.

Chocolate Moron - Tacloban

There might be a secret ingredients that is added.

For me, the Moron from the Tacloban is the best ever. It’s like a purer form of “Suman” with creamier taste and sometimes melts in your mouth when freshly cooked.

In general, I love Moron, but those coming from the Visayan Areas are quite special and things that I really can’t resist. My siblings and nieces are also huge fan of these sweeties and just like me, will dig down plenty and will be asking for more.

In a scale of 1 to 10, to as the highest, I will rate this treats as 10. A highly recommended delicacy.

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