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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Chowking's Emperor's Beef Wanton Mami

| On 24, Jun 2012

To be honest, I am not a fan of Chinese products. They are affordable, but they will not last for a long time. And, I am saying this, because of my experience.  Way back my high school and college years, due to my cheapness, I have been buying some Chinese wallet that comes cheap, but in return, I always change it.

But, there is always an exemption with every rule and in this matter, the exemption is food.

Since I don’t usually go out, I always settle to Chinese fast foods and for me, the best and affordable of the kind is Chowking.

What do I like about Chowking is their extravagant meals. Unlike other fast foods, they are able to serve freshly-cooked foods topped with crispy vegetables.

One the best product of Chowking, for me is the Emperor’s Beef Wanton Mami.

This beef noodles is flavored naturally and served with premium cuts of beef, wanton, Taiwan pechay, and herbs and spices to add more kicks.

The Price, Packaging and Availability

This noodles is worth P109.00. For me, the price is just alright, it’s not that cheap and not that expensive. Based on the ingredients and taste of the whole products it’s very worthy. This noodles is available to all Chowking outlets nationwide.

The Taste and Verdict

I really found it tasty. The beef flavor is strong and as far as my culinary knowledge is concerned, you can only achieve this taste by boiling beef bones and meat for hours. The wanton also adds more delight to the treats as it absorbs the flavors from the soup, so every bite will result in exploding flavors. The noodles is also soft and can really compliment the dish. The pechay, on the other hand, adds crunchy feel that will make every bite and chew enjoyable. The herbs and spices played their role, they added flavor and unexplainable explosive taste to the soup.

My nieces, being the ordinary kids, also have these sensitive taste buds. They also belong to this picky-eater group. But, serve them with this Emperor’s Beef Wanton Mami from chowking and you’ll see them eating even the vegetables. When we will dine in or take some orders out at Chowking, they will request for it.

My niece, Zoe, enjoying her bowl of Chowking’s Emperor’s Beef Wanton Mami

For me, this Beef Wanton Mami is quite good. A single order makes me bloated, because I will sip down the soup up to the last drop. None of the ingredients will escape me, I will dig this mami down until nothing’s left. As I above-mentioned, this comes in a reasonable amount.

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