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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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Christmas Traditional Food - Puto BumBong

Christmas Traditional Food – Puto BumBong

As of the posting of this article, it is 12 days before Christmas. We can see it and feel it everywhere. Each and every mom in our neighborhood already have designed their houses with blinking lights. I also never fail to see women and kids wearing jacket due to cool breeze of the season.

One of my most awaited every Christmas are the sidewalk foods.

One of my most favorite Christmas Season delicacy is the Puto BumBong. Thisis made from ground glutinous rice with ube (yam) coloring and cooked using a steamer. The traditional way to cook this is by putting the mixture what they call galapong in bamboo tubes attached that can be attached in a metal bucket with manually created holes to hold the tubes. The bucket will be put on top of a customized steamer.

The “Galapong” ground glutenous rice with food color

Good thing, starting late October every year, there is a stall built for these yummy treats near our place. If you will request, they will cook the Puto Bumbong in front of you. But you have to wait as the steaming process will take time.

The best thing about them is that they will wrap the Puto with grated coconut, will top with Muscovado sugar and will be wrapped in a banana leaf. All traditional.

The personnel, probably the owners are friendly. When I asked to take pictures they agreed with smile. When I asked about the process, the lady cooking the treats answered me politely. For me, they are good and you will rarely see those kind of personalities and attitude towards customers for a neighborhood stalls. Their stall is located along BF Road QC near Saint Joseph Parish.

The customized steamer for Puto Bumbong

The price of their Puto Bumbong for three pieces is P30.00, so it’s P10.00 each. It’s quite cheap compare to others, stating the fact that they added grated coconut and Muscovado sugar. My dad, asked me how much and agreed, it’s quite cheap. But Oh men! they can create delicious Puto Bumbong. I can chow down 3 packs of it in one sitting.

When I was a kid, I love to add condensed milk on top of these great kakanin.

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