Craft Coffee Revolution Review
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The Craft Coffee Revolution is a good-looking coffee shop. Read my review below.

I attended a meeting somewhere in Ortigas and I was mortified. The decisions and future plans, plus an energy quagmire for me because it was one rainy late afternoon and I barely slept at all last night.

I want to drag myself outside. I’d been thinking on how to escape from the meeting room – what a nightmare huh. But they gave me an opportunity to be flee before I pass out.

I want to take a walk and grab some coffee and probably some sweets to perk-me-up. Since I was in Ortigas, so why not grabbing some brewed coffee in one of the artisan coffee shop nearby?

The Craft Coffee Revolution

While having a long rainy afternoon walk to the store, I’ve been imagining that I’m already sniffing before sipping my favorite brewed coffee haha. As a coffee lover, you know, the feel of smelling it first how strong your cup of coffee is. I’ve finally set my foot in Podium. I hurriedly went upstairs to Craft Coffee Revolution.


Craft Coffee Revolution which was formerly the Craft Coffee Workshop in 66 Broadway Avenue, corner E. Rodriguez Kristong Hari, Quezon City. For an art lover, this is a must-visit as they also have workshops here.

The Services

Now, the company already has three branches including their Podium Branch. You may find it in 2/F The Podium Mall. You may ask their well-trained baristas to have your coffee craft, yeah leave it to them if you are too sick and tired of your everyday cappuccinos, lattes, mochas or the likes you may also choose from their “brew bar” menu if you want something new or you are adventurous.

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While chitchatting with their barista about what I’ve picked on their “brew bar menu” I was also busy picking some sweet and upon looking with their cakes display, this one classic cake that caught my attention.

In brew bar menu I choose the “choose your origin” section. I ordered Nicaragua Finca El and Bacon Chocolate Cake. Nicaragua Finca El (in my own understanding the meaning of Nicaragua Finca El is from the farm of Nicaragua) Nicaragua is in Central America.

Nicaragua Finca El

I want mine to brew in cold and with lower acidity. However, the barista told me that the beans are well balanced — mild body and mild acidity. They still my request, though. While cupping (sipping and sniffing), I could still taste the kick of the caffeine, it was so strong but I could manage it without sugar. True, it has a mid-intense acid with strong sweetness. The aroma? It’s still there. The fruity flavor remains in my mouth after swallowing in every sip but I couldn’t taste the flavors coming from the roasted beans (this is what I like about the Alamid coffee/ Philippine Civet Cat Coffee, that you could taste the freshly roasted beans).

Nicaragua Finca El is worth P100+ per cup. As a coffee junkie, the price is still worth it and will definitely try all their coffee.

Bacon Chocolate Cake

It may sound weird and sinful (haha) but if you are looking for something a little different and indulgent, try the Bacon Chocolate Cake. The salty and sweet combination of it is perfectly well for my mood at that time. I can’t stop picking the bacon strips, because I just love the texture of the cake and the chocolate frosting.

Bacon Chocolate Cake is worthy. Not too good for people who are on a diet.

The Craft Coffee Revolution at the Podium is one heck of a coffee shop. The prices are ok and it’s worth it.

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