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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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Creamy Delight - The cheap way to treat yourself some yogurt

| On 08, Jun 2013

One of the simple experience that keeps me going is munching down a frozen yogurt. Whether you believe it or not, I can spend P600.00 whenever I treat myself with it.  I usually go to SM Fairview in order to have my self some froyo. When I’m on cheap sake mode, I buy two to three orders of yogurt in a cup via the Yes Yes Yo! Yogurt. But, whenever I did a fantastic job or was able to receive a pay check for my hard work, I will go straight ahead to O My Yogurt, or other stores with self-service yogurt.

Since SM Fairview is almost an hour away from my house, frozen yogurt trip happens once every one month. Every time I crave for one, but not in the mood to travel, I just buy Nestle’s Yogurt or the newly released Creamy Delight Pasturized Yogurt.

Product profile, availability and price

Creamy Delight is a product created by the by a Company called the Grupo Leche Pascual, the leading producer of beverage and food in Spain. This foreign company partnered with the Asia Brewery Inc. to distribute this product in the Philippines.

Creamy Delight is exclusive only in the Philippines. In other countries, this is simply called Pascual Yogurt.

This product also contains fruits, but Nestle’s Yogurt contains more fruit bits that this one.

The packaging is simple, no extravagant pictures and many more. There was no amount of calories and nutritional value of the in the packaging. As far as I know, the law requires nutritional label in every goods.

Creamy Delight strawberry I used to see Creamy Delight anywhere. Even to the smallest grocery in the neighborhood. What’s great is that you can buy this for as low as P15.00 up to P20.00 quite cheaper than Nestle’s Yogurt.

Creamy Delight is unique

What’s interesting with this product is the process of making. The product goes through fermentation and pasteurization processes in order to kill bacteria. The company also uses a unique technology that preserves the nutritional value.

The fermentation and pasteurization process allows the product to be kept in room temperature without getting spoiled. I don’t know if I’ll believe it or not, but the company claimed that this can be stored for as long as seven months as long as the package is still intact.

The fermentation process retains the natural flavors and nutrients coming from the raw ingredients like fruits, milk and yogurt itself. The GLP also buys live good bacteria from different countries in Europe that they add to the product to make it healthier.

Taste and Verdict

Creamy delight with spoon

Compared to Nestle’s Yogurt, the Creamy Delight is a little thicker, with blander and contains lesser fruit bits. But, this is also creamy and the sour kicks that makes yogurt well-loved is still there.

There is also a flavor for kid that they called Yogi Kids, non fat for weight watchers and  made from pure liquid milk. But, I  found it funny as four out of six are strawberry. The only two choice are fruit salad, which also contains strawberry; and strawberry banana, also containing strawberry.

But, this is a product that was made to heaven. Imagine this, a healthy food that tastes good that comes quite affordable. Creamy delight is a highly recommended product.

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I am Ringo and allow me to say not an ordinary man. I’ve been working home base since 2009 and as of now, has no plans of returning to corporate. Web designer. Frustrated chef. Foodie. Good son (ehem!). Good father (to two labrador retrievers). And, a servant of God.



  1. rolito

    I discovered Creamy Delight yogurt only recently and promptly replaced Nestle. I noticed that it quickly disappears from shelves of SM supermarket probably because consumers prefer Creamy Delight rather than the leading brand. While nutritional values and tastes of both brands are almost identical, it’s the price that makes the difference. I am thankful that CD availability in the Philippines would give Filipinos the opportunity to shift their preference when time to economize calls for it.

    • rolito

      By the way, Nestle has come up with an advertisement obviously to counter the onslaught of a fierce competition. Its “not all yogurt are created equal” short clip on TV is obviously targeted at GLP, Creamy Delight manufacturer and it now depends on the customer whether or not he will bite it. Nestle yogurt has at least, one week shelf life while CD’s can stay up to months in shelves even without refrigeration. Why CD lasts this long according to this article, is attributed to its high technology manufacturing equipment and not because of aid from some harmful preservatives. The fight now is centered on the price. CD’s affordability makes it very attractive to consumers and I doubt if Nestle is willing to pull a little of its prestige down in order to make the competition fair. For now, I will stick to CD unless Nestle comes up with a competitively priced products.

  2. rufina heller

    I was wondering, if they fermented it then there is bacteria, but if they pasturize it again to kill bacteria, even good bacteria will also be killed, which is why, yogurt is very nutritious bec if the live culture bac. just wondering.

  3. Rocelle

    I’m just wondering if I cant give this to my 11month old baby?

  4. Eating it right now xD

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