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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Creamy Deremen a Dessert Original from Pangasinan

Creamy Deremen a Dessert Original from Pangasinan

Deremen [Duhruhmon] is a Panggalatok version of Pinipig, a young, toasted glutinous rice. Many said that the English version of this was rice puff.

But, the locals of Pangasinan claimed that it is quite different than those sold in the market. I agree, Deremen is greener than the usual pinipig. It is also softer and a sweeter.

My mom said that way back many years ago, farmers used to removed husks in a traditional pounding way. She said the natural flavors of the young rice was still present. Sadly, modern rice mills have deteriorated the flavors and she said today’s deremen has little less aroma than those in the earlier days.

Anyway, when I was a kid my mom introduced me this food. My mom said that when they were kids, my grandmother used to make this premature rice into a delicious dessert.

There are different ways top cook this one. But my favorite what my mom called no-cooked “Inlubi.”

My mom introduced us this dessert way back I haven’t started schooling. However, since you can’tt buy deremen here in Quezon City, we were only able to have this food once or twice a year, usually after every undas. What’s great about this dessert is that it a no-cook dish, you will just need to add all the ingredients together.

To make this dessert is to first  soak the deremen into water until they soften, add coconut milk, coconut juice, stripped coconut flesh and sugar. Then hualla! Just ready the plate and spoon.

My mom wanted us to dig down this dessert as soon as it is done. She said that soon the deremen will absorb all the moisture and will turn into biko-like food.


Non-cooked Inlubi with evap

I add evaporated milk as I want this creamier. I sometimes add crushed ice and more sugar to add more liquid that I can sip. My sis loved this freezing and described that the frozen dish is like an ice cream.

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  1. Mouth watering, look’s yummy. ..

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