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Food Citations | February 19, 2018

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Dasol, Pangasinan food adventure

| On 09, Apr 2012

Top view of Villa Balinmanok at Dasol, Pangasinan

If you notice, I haven’t updated this blog for 2 days. This is because me and my siblings went on a vacation last April 6 and 7. We all decided to bond at the Villa Balinmanok in Dasol, Pangasinan.

We started travelling at 12:00 am of April 6. With our hired jeepney and drivers our trip starts.

The First Stop (Capas Tarlac)

Our first stop was at Capas Tarlac in a gasoline station to stretch and have something to munch on. A local riding a bicycle approached us with his pandesal for P2.00 each. To be honest, the breads has no match for the breads of Manila stating the fact that it’s the same price. The one sold in Capas were small, burnt and tasteless. I thought it’s better as it’s sold in a provincial area.

In the same place, was a 7 11 where my sister introduced me with the French Vanilla Cappuccino. To which I found very good. I love the creaminess and the sweet flavor. When it became cold, I already found it very sweet. Much better when still hot.

Try this delight for P40.00 a cup.

The 7 11’s French Vanilla Cappuccino

Second Stop (San Clemente, Pangasinan)

We just by stand here and waited for someone to fetch Michelle, the girl who rode along with us. We actually waited 2 hours. And after that, she was gone with the wind.

Third Stop (Labrador, Pangasinan)

This was one of the most exciting stop. The place was incredible as a huge line of stalls are catering different types of sea foods as the ocean was just near (behind the stalls). Here in this place, I saw a shrimp bigger than my hand.

The shrimp bigger than my hand

Since I was a kid, I don’t care if I will have stomach ache. I will still chow down plenty of oysters as long as I’m not bloated. That’s why when I found out that a bucket of Oyster in Labrador, Pangasinan was only P150.00 (actually lower in the afternoon), I instantly smiled, took out my wallet and bought a bucket. My sister, who knows how to speak Panggalatok asked the seller to add more pieces, to which he agreed. He added about 4 pieces of oyster.

A bucket of Oyster worth P150.00

A bucket of oyster can fill 2 big plastic bags.

Another fish that caught our attention was the locally called “Sungayan” or what we dubbed as  “Lady Gaga Fish”. This is a hard-headed fish with a horn. The flesh is rubbery, on a way that we used an ax to open it in order for us to remove the internal organs.

The Lady Gaga Fish or locally known as Sungayan

But, when it was cooked, surprisingly, it’s very delicious. My brother and sister said that it’s like milk fish, but, for me, it’s far more delicious. It also has a lesser bones.

Other Sea Foods sold at the Labrador Sea Food Market

But, whew the price is for high class only. It’s worth P250.00 per kilo. The “Lady Gaga Fish” that we bought was almost two kilos. We paid P480 for that.

Other sea foods we bought were crabs worth P220.00 per kilo. Shrimp P300.00 a plastic bag (more than a kilo) and a forced marketed sea weed.

Fourth Stop (Burgos Market)

We just bought our vegetables and spices here. No fancy activities here.

We arrived at Villa Balinmanok at 10:00 am and prepared for lunch. For lunch, we cooked hot dog and sinigang na hipon. For Dinner we cooked vegetable in coconut milk, fried fish, and grilled “Lady Gaga Fish”. For the breakfast the other day, we ate tuyo, crab stew in coconut milk, tortang talong and many more.

When we go home, we again stopped at the Labrador sea food bazaar and took home more oyster, assorted packed of small fishes (P100.00) and tupig as a “Pasalubong” for our beloved parents to don’t want to take the vacation with us.

Quick Villa Balinmanok Review

The Villa Balinmanok

I don’t want to let you guys be confused. So, will just review Villa Balinmanok. Before going to the place, make sure that you will bring a  long patience with you, because I am telling you, this will be a very long, boring  journey. But, for me, the long journey and some rough roads are all worth it.

The unexplored place is home for a very shallow waters where you can walk through the side seeing colorful fishes as the water was very clear. This is not for full swimming as the place was rocky, but a very good place for shallow water snorkeling. I even have my back burnt as I kept myself under water for a very long time crawling in the shallow oceans wearing my snorkeling gears.

This a must-try place. If you wanted to go out the noisy and stressful urban life. Villa Balinmanok in Dasol, Pangasinan is a place to be. The captivating scenes will surely going to take your breath away.

Plus the crews and staff of the said resort will going to pamper you. They are willing to provide you what you need, so you can enjoy your stay. Sir Ogie, one of the owners and the crews like Ate Lovely, Kuya Ruel, Ate Nancy, Ate Jerlyn and Kuya Empoy were all friendly and always ready to serve. They helped us to clean our raw sea foods, all free of charge. Out of 10, I will give them 10 in terms of overall crew performance. KUDOS to them.

My older sister, me and youngest sister

The only thing that I found negative was the toilet water. The water will be in and out as they are only getting it from a natural source.

Overall this place is a highly recommended one.

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