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Food Citations | December 12, 2017

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Diet sodas - What does it do to your body?

| On 20, Aug 2013

Who in heck doesn’t want a ripping body? Who doesn’t want to stay slim and fit? For me, my answer is none. It’s hypocrisy to say that you don’t like to have a body that everybody dreamed of. Or, the health status that everyone’s struggling to have.

Gyms are everywhere, diet ideas are around and even foods claiming to make someone fit are written all over the internet are proofs that people are into healthy lifestyle.

However, some of the alternatives are quite deceiving. The publicity for such are far more beyond the reality.

Aspartame for example, is a sweetener that is 200 times an ordinary table sugar. This is present to some beverages, most particularly to what is known as diet sodas.

During Summer here in the Philippines, my head goes nuts every time I used to see advertisement pertaining to diet sodas. The companies are claiming that these sweeteners can actually make someone slimmer.

This article is all about aspartame, the main sweetener of diet sodas, it’s effect to human bodies and how dangerous it is.

Chemical composition

Aspartame is a synthesized sweet product that comes from combining amino acids known as phenylalanine and aspartic acid. The process of creating phenylalanine requires a bacteria. It’s ok, right? However, due to modernization, companies genetically modified the bacteria to create more phenylalanine. Meaning, there is a mutated bacteria in our diet sodas.

UK’s local newspaper, The Independent revealed that Monsato, the largest producer of Aspartame in the world admitted that they are actually using two types of bacteria. One was the natural and the other was the genetically modified.

Scientists around the world, believed that genetically modifying an organism will lead to producing another known substance that might be dangerous to humans when ingested.

I don’t want to go write more about this issue. I’m asking you guys to search the term “Genetically Modified Organisms” via Google and what it can really do to our body.

A throwback

If my memory serves me right, way back my college years, there was a commercial featuring a diet soda. During a party in Boracay once claims that he already consumed three cans of the sodas and he isn’t worried about getting fat.

Now here’s the deal: The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sets that the acceptable intake of aspartame is 50 milligram to 1 kilogram. Meaning that a person like me that weighs 58 kg can take 2980 milligrams of aspartame per day. A can of diet soda contains 180 milligrams of aspartame, so the man in the ad has taken 540 milligrams. Well, it is still sounds rights?

Conflicting the claims and weight loss boo boo

However, a 2013 report by The Daily Beast revealed that aspartame is also linked to weight gain, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and heart disease.

For the weight gain, the above-mentioned research said that aspartame, can interfere the body’s normal response with sugar. How? Aspartame tricks the body that you are not taking sugar even though you are. This will make the body thinks differently when dealing with ordinary sugar. As a result, the body will fail to release proper hormones to control sugar in the body. And, the digestive enzymes will not know how to process the sugar.

Carolyn Harris, as published by the NWO Library said that the liver will find hard times breaking down the components of aspartame. As a back up, the body will then store fats. So, this means that instead of having lesser fat for smaller calories of diet sodas, you’ll get higher amount of body fat as your body will anticipate a lesser amount of calories that it needed.

The same study also revealed that aspartame triggers the brain to release hormones that makes the person crave for sweets and sugar automatically right after consuming. The craving can last up to 90 minutes.

Tumors, seizures and other effects

The Natural News quoted the American FDA issuing a warning after they received tremendous complaints about the effects of such product. The complaints include hallucinations, diarrhea, seizures, depression, migraine, fatigue and insomnia. Aspartame has also been linked to tumors, cancer and infertility.

The Sweet Poison noted an Anecdotal study revealing nondepressed volunteers showing difference to their moods and personalities after being administered with 30 mg/kg for 7 days of aspartame. Such changes included headache, nervousness, dizziness, memory impairment, nausea, temper outbursts, and depression.

The FDA itself, released a statement noting that in long term, aspartame can be carcinogenic.

The Conclusion

Ever since I’m not a fan of diet sodas, even my kiddie taste buds didn’t like them. So, I can say, I may never have had felt the quick effects of such product (ie headache). But, based on my understanding, a synthetic food that is the “iest” to the natural is questionable. I won’t go into conclusion why aspartame was approved. Perhaps, I am encouraging everyone to use ordinary sugar or other natural alternatives if you are into weight management. Drink sofa instead of diet soda, if you wanted to refresh yourself with soda.

I’m not arrogant, but I am able to maintain my body mass due to the fact I watch what I eat and won’t settle in short cuts. Aspartame is an alternative to sugar, maybe to some point, but it will never make us healthier.

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