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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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Digging through: Alaska Evaporada is different from Alaska Evaporated Milk

| On 29, Nov 2013

Alaska Evaporated Milk and Alaska Evaporada

Today, buying an Alaska Evaporated Milk is a hurdle. When you asked most of the sari-sari store an Evaporated Milk, they will give you the “Alaska Evaporada,” a creamer and when you said that what you wanted was the original evaporated milk, they will insist that both products are just the same.

This just shows that mostly of the people don’t mind reading the labels. Most of them base their decisions to price.

The Evaporada is quite cheaper than the Evaporated Milk. It will cost you P11.00 compared to the P19.00 respectively. However, are we getting what we needed?

Let’s strip both products.

Ingredients, color and taste

The label said both products are milk base. However, the Evaporated Milk contains vitamins while the Evaporada didn’t have. So, we can say that we are getting more on the more expensive product.

Check the ingredient; they are really different products

The Evaporada also listed emulsifier, artificial color, flavor additive and sugar. So, we can say that it has more extenders.

Checking out the color, the Evaporada is whiter while the Evaporated milk is a little brownish. The taste? Evaporada is sweet, watery and blander. While the original is creamier, thicker and more composed.

Colors compared


On getting what we pay for, the original is the winner. Let me conclude that Alaska came up with another product for the cheap sake consumers who wanted the price than the quality.

In making refreshments like creamy buko juice, ice candy and many more, I recommend the Alaska Evaporated Milk. But, if you wanted milky and creamy flavors just use the Evaporada as addition.

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  1. mika

    Well, for me, alaska evaporated milk is good for cooking and baking.
    And evaporada is good for beverages. 🙂

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