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Food Citations | February 23, 2018

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Early Bird Breakfast Club in Bonifacio Global City

Early Bird Breakfast Club in Bonifacio Global City

| On 09, Sep 2014

I used to work on a graveyard shift. Me and the team loves to eat breakfast after work hours and we fancy 24/7 restaurants or the one that opens too early. It’s so much nicer to end our day right and it has to be our quality time together – to spend more time with friends with the same passion which is… taadaa eating hahaha!

It’s our daily assignment, where to eat after work hours.

I know that during Fridays and Saturdays Early Bird Breakfast Club is open 24-hours, and the rest of the days they’re open at 7 o’clock in the morning until 12 midnight (if i’m not mistaken) in Bonifacio Global City.

I have an early flight back to the Philippines that Wednesday morning from a very exhausted and yet exciting fun filled travel business trip from the three Asian countries on a very short period of time. The perks and the downtime of a full-time employee and a part-time travel consultant – you have the chance to travel around the world and yet you have very short amount of time. You have to organize very well and make sure of it that every second counts.

With my three countries business trip I haven’t enjoy eating a descent breakfast at all. My flight to Singapore was 5:40 in the morning given the two(2) to four(4) hours prior your departure flight. The next day I have to leave Singapore to Sarawak in Kuching at 6:40 in the morning and on the following day it was an another early flight to Sabah in Kota Kinabalu. I was half dead every time i woke up and spent my time working, pretty much i wasn’t able to enjoy my routine in the morning which is eating breakfast but I was still able to visit some friends for during dinner. As i have an early flight back to Manila the following day I got my mind set on eating breakfast, I was so deprived to eat breakfast.

As soon as I arrived Manila I decided to drop by at BGC since its nearby the airport. I was an hour early for the opening of the Early Bird Breakfast Club, it was Wednesday still closed but the staff is very accommodating or should i say that they could see it through in my eyes that i really want to eat breakfast. The staff let me in and gave me a glass of water and they told me that the Chef is not yet in the store so they let me order my coffee first, while waiting for the chef. Early Bird Breakfast Club serves Filipino breakfast and western European breakfast. I ordered hazelnut latte, it was good, the hazelnut syrup they used were good and the espresso shot were mild, the creaminess that the caffeine became so flat but i still like it. I ain’t no coffee connoisseur but as a coffee drinker I got a taste.

early bird bfc

The hazelnut latte is worth Php120. A must try.

With a wonderful morning imagining cupping (sipping and sniffing your coffee) while waiting for your food at Early Bird Breakfast Club, this well-interiored store while sitting on one of their dainty chairs. I don’t mind waiting for the Chef. I felt at-home, it is very welcoming; the ambiance and their friendly staff.

Then I ordered Early Bird Croque Monsieur. Classic French grilled sandwich: with slabs of bacon, gruyere, cheddar and mozzarella cheese (so sinful) with mustard filling and smothered in mornay sauce yummmm but I was so feminine that time with the touch of their retro-chic ambiance so I want an egg on top of it. So i can call my sandwich now a Croque Madame and I do love eggs.

croque madame

The Early Bird Croque Monsieur is worth Php425; while the Croque Madame (with egg) is worth Php445.

Based on my own experience and food ventures most of the restaurants that serves Croque Monsieur / Croque Madame, had a standard price. Hey, cheese are expensive. But for the ratings of the taste and the preparation everything for me it’s all worth it. It’s a generous servings, that you can share for two. Depends on your appetite.

Yeah they are right, and I quote, “they give highly satisfying meals to the people”. No matter what time your day begin, they will guarantee by providing the best breakfast experience in the city. I was once a happy satisfied customer and sure thing will come back.

Lets have some luxurious breakfast!

They have three branches now:

  • Unit C G/F Fort Pointe 2 Bldg., The Fort Complex, 28th St., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.
  • G/F Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave.,
  • Poblacion, Makati G/F Eastwood City Mall, Eastwood Avenue Bagumbayan, Quezon City

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