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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Energy Drink 101 - Wonders and what you don't know

| On 11, Sep 2012

I’m no hater. I’m not an expert in the field either. But, one thing’s for sure, I know something about energy drinks. I advise that you to read this until the conclusion to get my point.

I admit it, way back, I’m one of those avid users of such drinks. Everytime I’m lack of sleep, tired but still has lots of things to do and have to work on a deadline, I drink them. During my call center years, I always replenish my energy by grabbing it in a nearby convenient store. And, hualla!!! I’m alert and energized.

Let me first define Energy Drinks. These are the drinks that aims in giving energy and companies that manufacture them said that it improves physical and mental performances. Primarily, an energy drink is composed of caffeine, water, sugar. Other nutrients like Taurine, Ephedrine, Ginseng and many more are also added.

Energy drinks are quite different from soft drinks and sports drink. Soft drinks are mainly water, sugar and flavoring with the purpose of tasting good and thirst quenching. An sports drink replenishes the body fluids that were lost when we sweat, it is composed of water, electrolytes, sugar and other nutrients.

Energy drinks are such a fad, specially the modern day that people have to work hard all time (without resting)  to meet daily demands. Energy drinks can really supply people with the energy they needed.

Manufacturers of such drinks all claim that their product can give you a boost in energy that enhances physical and mental performances. But, health officials disagree. They said that you only get energy from sugar and caffeine that is usually added to the drinks.

Surprisingly, health officials not just in the Philippines, but around the world don’t have much laws and power in the regulation of caffeine in energy drinks (they have in soft drinks), because energy drinks are in the “food supplement” category. So, providers of such drinks can freely include huge amount of caffeine, sugar and others in every package without getting penalized. What’s more surprising, if you will look at the labels of some energy drinks, there is no caffeine written, but they do have. There are some energy drinks that uses other materials that are also forms of caffeine.

In example, Red bull (250 ml), the world’s number energy drink, According to the USDA  is composed of 80 mg of caffeine an equivalent to 1.5 teaspoon of instant coffee. Sugar Stacks said that a 250 ml can of Red Bull contains 27g of sugar which is equivalent to 2.25 tablespoon. 27  grams of sugar is the recommended limit of an adult for him to stay healthy.

According to the September 2009 report by the News 4 Ajax 51% of college students have drunk at least 1 energy drink of the previous month, 29% of those have drunk 3-4 cans of the drinks per day and 19% (of 51%) have reported heart palpitation and even called the poison control for CAFFEINE OVERDOSE.

Health experts also link energy drinks to diabetes, heart attack, poisoning and many more.

There are some mixes of alcoholic drinks that come with energy drinks, which is quite intoxicating and in the long run can cause serious sickness. Caffeine is stimulant that makes you alert while alcohol is a depressant making you lousy. See how conflicting it is? I’ve never tried drinking alcohol mixes with caffeine, but some of friends who have claimed that they felt sober, but they knew they were drunk.

Alcohol and caffeine are both diuretic, meaning you will release body fluids often that can result to dehydration.

Health officials agree if I will say that you can  get all the energy that you needed from the foods and drinks you eat.  If you felt lacking out of energy just take a rest, eat right and drink right.

But, in case that you really want to replenish your energy through shot break I recommend that you drink those energy drinks that are protein base. Vitamilk is one of my example. But, please be aware that this drink also comes with sugar.

Just like any other drinks like coffee, tea, alcohol, synthetic juice and many more, energy drinks should be taken in moderation.

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