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Food Citations | February 23, 2018

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Food Find: Different Flavors of Yakult from Singapore

Food Find: Different Flavors of Yakult from Singapore

| On 23, Jul 2014

Yakult is one of those drinks that is a favorite of Filipinos, regardless of age, gender and walks of life.

Due to its creamy yet sour kicks and healthful benefits, Yakult is very sought-after to a point that even local stores (sari-sari stores) use to have this. However, that very small bottle just kept us in looking for more, which boils down to this one question and I know you guys will surely agree with me: Why in the heck Yakult can’t provide the Filipinos with one liter?


The Yakult pack containing four flavors: the original, apple, orange and grapes.

Really, I don’t know why the local management of Yakult won’t do it? As far as I know, a liter of Yakult is only available in Indonesia, but why not also in the Philippines?

In a report by ABS-CBN News, which quoted another report from Yakult in Australia and Malaysia, Yakult bottle is so small to prevent contamination. Opening a larger bottle will lead to the decreased of the live bacteria that makes the tummy healthier and Yakult doesn’t want to be in that position as it wanted to stay in the main promise, which is a healthy product. Taste is just secondary.

When I found it out, I just said “ok.” However, my envy button, again, turned on and got a little angry when my sister, who is working in Singapore, introduced a pack of Yakult containing four flavors. Again, I asked the question: Why in the heck they don’t provide us with such?


Yakult from Singapore: the original, grapes, orange and apple.

Yakult is one of those kiddie drinks that I usually enjoy way back. But, until now, my adult taste buds can’t still help, but to look for that sweet, sour, and creamy taste of the tummy-friendly drink. And now, I envy my sister or Singaporeans due to this.

This type of Yakult was actually a request of my niece as “pasalubong” for her favorite uncle (ehem!). But since I am a VERY KIND UNCLE (that’s why I am their favorite), I shared this envying, I mean, special moment with all of my nieces. Just like me, my Philippine-based nieces got mesmerized by the fact that there are actually other flavors of Yakult. And again, just like me, they wondered why it’s not available in the Philippines.

In Singapore, aside from the original, there are three flavors: apple, orange and grapes. In one pack are five bottles with two originals. According to my sister, this is available in groceries and convenient stores nationwide for 3SGD per pack. Meaning, a single bottle will cost you Php21.00, which is considered costly here. But, in that country, it’s just ok.


Yakult Apple

All flavors has this distinct taste and fruity kicks that you can easily identify (if it’s grapes there is grapes flavor lol). For me, nothing beats the original. But, I love all the flavors. If you’ll ask me what is my favorite, I’ll say the orange, stating the fact that I hate orange-flavored drinks.

One thing I also love about the packs my sister took home from one of the richest country in the world are the free drinking straw. For me, using this straw is enjoying the drink more.

From the bottom of my heart (tears!), I am hoping that Yakult Philippines will soon release other flavors of.

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