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Food Citations | February 19, 2018

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Food Find: Roasted Hazel Nut Coffee from Malaysia

Food Find: Roasted Hazel Nut Coffee from Malaysia

| On 19, Sep 2014

Being home base will also bring some disadvantages (Talking about food and watching weight here). I am just walks away from street foods as there are some neighbors of mine who use to sell them as part of their ways of earnings. I am also near sari-sari stores where fattening foods and drinks are near — one best example is instant coffee.

Being a coffee lover, I can’t resist buying sachets of instant coffee knowing the fact that “Ate Juliet’s Sari-Sari Store” is just a few steps away. I’ve tried each and every brand, but there are only three variety that satisfy me. They are the Kopiko Black Coffee, Kopiko Brown Coffee and Great Taste Original (Amazingly, Buy 1 Take 1). Talking about the three, I love the Great Taste.

Why? Aside from it is cheap, it features light cream and less sugar to a point of tasting the bitterness of coffee more. And that’s what I prefer now.

Speaking of this, my sister who took a vacation with her daughter in Singapore gave me this fabulous instant coffee that is quite suited for my preferences — The Charcoal Roasted Hazelnut White Coffee by Super.


From the name itself, it features roasted hazelnut made into morning drink. This was bought by my sister in Singapore, but upon close checking it is made by Super, a company from Malaysia. Aside from Hazelnut the 36 gram-pack is composed of tons of ingredients. I just got a little confused that the company still called it coffee when it has instant coffee and cocoa powder. I think it should be called mocha and javalatte.

So much for my suggestion… I know you have something in mind and yes! The 36 gram-pack can only make 200 ml or a cup of drink. Surprised? Me too. Here in the Philippines, an instant coffee is usually composed of more than 20 grams, but can also make the same quantity.

The price? Well, it is a whopping 6SGD or almost P200.00. I can say that it is still quite expensive despite of the quality and quantity.


The taste? This is the type of coffee that you can taste all the main flavors like bitterness, creaminess, and sweetness; at the same time, you can also taste the powerful flavor of the chocolate. Just think about Nutella, it’s strong flavor less the sweetness; add creaminess and put some coffee kicks.

What I also love about this is that it forms foam making me enjoy this drink more.

Based on my taste buds, I’ll still enjoy it more than those sold in Starbucks, Coffee Bean and other famous coffee shops in Metro where sugar is fully loaded. Just less the price and this is one heck of a product.

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