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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Foods that help you ease your dry cough

| On 19, Nov 2013

Cure cough naturally

In the past two weeks, I suffered the worst dry cough of my life. That was the first time I got a dry cough that keeps me awake all night with fever and uneasiness for almost a week. That was also the first time that my cough will trigger to the simple things like speaking. It affected my work as I can’t speak to my students and can’t think well while writing an article for my blogs.

I consulted a doctor and he just prescribed me over the counter drugs that never helped. This forced me to look for home remedies for dry cough, use the tips and now my cough, as of the writing, is easing.

Please be noted that all the herbs and foods that I will enumerate are all based on my personal experience.

Here are some of the home remedies for dry cough:


With scientific name Vitex negundo, lagundi is an aromatic shrub that is widely distributed in the Philippines. Here, it was dubbed as the best remedy all types of cough. The leaves  are boiled and used as tea to alleviate chest pain and discomfort.

According to Medical Health Guide, boil a cup of Lagundi parts (leaves, roots, trunks)  in four cups of water to make a tea. Let the person with dry cough to sip it to ease the chest pain.

There is also Lagundi available in tea bags in supermarkets for easier ways to make a tea.

I also once asked a pharmacist of a known company about my dry cough and he said that lagundi capsules are highly recommended.


This is the only sweet thing that will help you with dry cough. When swallowed, this acts as a suppressant. This is also best to be added to other foods in this list.

Be careful in buying honey. Most of the honey in the local markets and supermarkets are not pure. Most of them contains sugar, which is, according to my doctor is prohibited when you have cough. I recommend you buy honey from sellers of organic products, they usually have the raw honey from the mountains.

One characteristic of a raw honey is that it is wine like.


It’s not true that milk triggers mucus. In fact, milk helps in relieving dry cough. How? Milk is slow in going down through your throat and it is because of  its thickness. So, when it passes your throat it brings mucus down and will leave a coating to the throat the eases the pain.

Before going to sleep drink a warm ready to drink milk and you’ll feel relief. You can also add honey for a better experience.

Dalandan or other citrus

Due to its vitamin C, dalandan is best for dry cough. During the time I suffered from colds with dry cough, I bought a kilo of dalandan and used to chow one all through out the day and hualla!! my dry cough eases and my colds is gone.

I also use to make a  dalandan or calamansi juice with honey that I use to drink after each meal.


This is one of the oldest way to cure cough. When I was a kid, this was used by my mother and father to cure our cough. Just juice the stem and leaves of the plant and drink.

This is one of the most painful herb for your cough. But, very worthy.

Other practical treatments

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Change your diet into high vitamin c like Malunggay, citrus, and much more.
  • Steam helps in clearing and softening the sticky phlegm. You can use a humidifier or just boil water and sniff the steam. If you have a steam shower, take a bath and stay there for a couple of minutes.
  • Sucking on no-sugar lozenges gives immediate help in easing chest discomfort. Buy the no-sugar or the extra strong strepsils.
  • Taking sodium ascorbate will also help you increase your immune system.
  • Avoid sweet products as sugar is very well loved by bacteria causing the hard and sticky phlegm.
  • Avoid cold products.
  • Sleep for more than 8 hours to regain your immune system.

My warning

Please be noted that my enumerated treatment is not suited for all ages and situation. Take for example lagundi, it is not for infants, pregnant women, elderly and people with adverse reaction to the plant. Honey may cause death to infants and people allergic to honey composition.

If your dry cough lasts for more than three weeks, it’s time to consult a doctor.

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