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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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Frozen fresh goods, fresh frozen goods, nah! Whatever!

| On 18, Dec 2012

Frozen goods are also good (Photo credit:

There was this picture in the social networking site saying “Fresh Frozen Food” that was posted by a Fanpage catering funny things. Then, people are coming in laughing and even sharing the picture with caption as if there’s something wrong.

Grammatically, we can say that it’s correct. Analytically, I can say it’s still correct. But, people might surely disagree with me.

Just to explain, a freshly caught salmon that was put in a freezer is a fresh frozen salmon, right? Same as fruits and vegetables that were freshly harvested and frozen. So, there’s nothing wrong when a company says they have “Fresh Frozen Goods”.

Freezing goods is actually one of the safest ways to prevent food from spoiling. It’s highly recommended than putting preservatives that will just remove enzymes and damages cells when consumed. There are studies showing that even those organic preservatives will kill good organisms.

This also goes in canning, too much heating of the can will just spoil nutrients from the foods.

To note here are some foods and their life when frozen:

  • Beef and lamb — 12 months
  • Chicken and pork — six months
  • Vegetables — six months
  • Seafood — three months

A study by Health and Well-being revealed that freezing prevents foods like fresh vegetables,  fruits and meats from losing vitamins and minerals. A frozen  fruit or vegetable in the exact freshness and ripeness have higher amount of nutrients than those kept in a room temperature.

Research also has it that freezing suspends microbial function and multiplication and other microscopic activities in the foods. This will prevent harmful bacteria from doing their evil plans like contaminating food and poisoning humans.

Insects and other pests are also away when fruits and vegetables are in the freezer.

Why am I writing this? This is because people, specially here in the Philippines will prefer foods drenched in preservatives, or even almost spoiling goods in the market rather than buying the frozen one, thinking that they are better.

If you bought a fresh good like meat, fruits and vegetables, the best way is to consume right away. But, there’s nothing wrong with “Fresh Frozen Goods”.

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I am Ringo and allow me to say not an ordinary man. I’ve been working home base since 2009 and as of now, has no plans of returning to corporate. Web designer. Frustrated chef. Foodie. Good son (ehem!). Good father (to two labrador retrievers). And, a servant of God.


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