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Food Citations | January 18, 2018

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Gardenia Cream Roll Review

| On 02, Apr 2012

The Gardenia Cream Rolls, a great treat for bread lovers

A bread to go, that’s what needed this summer. Just in case we got hungry in a long trip, it’s much better to at least have some ¬†breads in our bags to chew on.

One of the greatest packed bread I know was the Gardenia Cream Roll.

This is an elongated bread with cream filling inside. The cream comes in 7 different flavors such as Chocolate, Ube, Cookies and Cream, Choco Strawberry, Coffee Cramble and Dulce De Leche.

Packaging, Price and Availability

These snacks comes in a plastic packaging with fancy graphics where the color blends with the flavor (Why am I telling this?). There is also a transparent part where you can see the bread. The package was loaded with air to protect the bread from flattening.

Based on the nearest grocery at my place, Phe Chocolate, Ube, Cookies and Cream and Chocolate Strawberry are all worth P12.50 each while the Coffee Cranble and Dulce De Leche are worth P13.50 each. The cream rolls are available in 75 grams only.

The price was fair enough, for me. It’s not expensive and not cheap.

I can see all the flavors of Cream Rolls on groceries and convenient stores. So, just look in the bread section to find these treats.

6 flavors of Gardenia Cream Rolls

Tastes and Verdicts

I shared the flavors with my nieces, brother and sisters. They all agreed that the cream rolls were all delicious. My nieces even asked for more as they really loved it.

For me, this is very good. The bread kept it’s promise of providing yummy cream filling inside a bread. The bread is soft enough and therefor recommended for all ages. The bland flavor of the bread really complements the cream fillings well. It’s like ice cream in a bread minus the coldness.

My nieces agreed with me when I said that the greatest flavor was the Choco Strawberry.

Try these cream rolls and be captivated. This is a highly recommended tummy fillers.

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