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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Gawad Kalinga's Salted Wild Duck Eggs

| On 16, May 2012

The salted egg, probably, is one of the favorite ready to eat-thingy of the Filipinos. Mostly love to chow this one with chopped tomatoes and steaming hot rice. I even remember that due to my over sleeping, I will just buy a piece of salted egg, tomatoes and cooked rice before going to my office.

Let me introduce to you guys this salted egg by Gawad Kalinga called the “Golden Eggs”.

I already reviewed the refreshing “Enchantea” from the same company. To view my review about this must-try beverage click here.

The Eggs, Packaging and Color, Price and Availability

The eggs are actually wild duck (itik) eggs where these ducks are grown organically. The farmers in the GK Enchanted Farm at Angat, Bulacan don’t feed these ducks with synthetic like foods pellets to become healthy and laying mash to produce more eggs. The caretakers feed them with natural foods like corn, vegetables and many more. The ducks are also not caged, they are freely moving and playing somewhere in the farm.

As you can see in the above picture, the eggs were yellow. It’s not to make the eggs different from any other eggs, but because the company wanted to stick with their advocacy to lessen the dangerous chemicals in the things we use and consume.

To explain further, what many don’t know is that the red or pink food coloring used in most of the salted eggs are toxic to the body. Once absorbed by the body, food coloring can divert hormones and weaken the brains. There are also claims that very dangerous chemicals like mercury are added to some food colorings. Despite the fact that our health department has done a tremendous job in prohibiting such chemicals, we should be aware.

Golden eggs are yellow because the cooked eggs were soaked in turmeric or yellow ginger solution. Ginger or turmeric can produce such organic substance that can be used to color foods safely.

The package comes in a plastic recyclable container with GK Farm.

A dozen of these eggs will cost you P270 and a half dozen is worth P140.00. The minimum order is a half dozen.

These eggs are only available in the main store at the Human Heart Nature main office in the Commonwealth Avenue Quezon City. So, just go to thier cafe and ask for the eggs.

Taste, Comment and Verdict

Naturally, wild duck eggs are quite bigger than the chicken’s, plus that fact that naturally produced eggs are also bigger than those produced using laying mash. So, Golden Eggs are the biggest salted eggs I’ve ever seen. The eggs are not that salty compared to those red ones.  Trust me, they are less salty.

Just a comment and with all honesty, I think, the package shouldn’t be in plastic containers. As far as I know, there are companies that creates paper bags that can surely fit the eggs. Just to make sure that we are still in nature-friendly advocacy.

Though, this blog only has a little voice, I wanted to call to at least lower the prices. To remove the mentality that the organics are only for the rich. If there can be any way that the price can be lowered down, it’ll be great. I also wanted to call to change the label into “wild duck eggs” as itik is different from pato.

Despite the fact its a little expensive P23.00 per peice, I can still say that its still a highly recommended product. It’s organic, pure Pinoy and a very good tummy-filler. Try it guys, this product will never fail you. Di ako mapapahiya sa inyo.

You may contact Human Heart Nature Head Office at the Following:



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