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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Giant lemon stuns the world

| On 26, Jan 2013

A lemon about 10 times bigger than the ordinary lemon in the market have stunned the world. The news was broken by a Reddit user zayre and noted that he only got the lemon from his neighbor.

A gigantic lemon from my neighbor’s lemon tree!“, zayre noted via the now Reddit trending news.

According to some users, the lemon could be a Ponderosa. A type of citrus that is a hybrid in between lemon and citron. It produces large fruit that has a thick bumpy rind. But, many people also disagree. They said that the fruit was quite big for a Ponderosa.

It’s not confirmed, but another user noted that she was the girlfriend of the poster and admitted that they stole the lemon.

“If you wanna know the truth, I stole the lemon. I’m Zayre’s girlfriend. We were like Adam and Eve, except instead of a god telling us no, there was a chill old lady saying lolcoolyeahnoproblem,” a certain clouds_up noted.

No specific measurement were confirmed by Zayre. But, some experts estimated that it weighs three to four pounds.

As of the writing, California is facing major damages to citrus crops due to the freezing temperature. Therefor, if this came to the place, it’s a prized possession.

Well, whatever the secret of the owner in producing this crop. It should be shown to the world. This can help in the shortage of food.

None doesn’t to have such huge fruit.

Photo credit: Zayre of Reddit

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