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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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Halo-Halo: The best way to cool down this Summer

| On 23, Mar 2012

A bowl of halo-halo from Choking. Photo credit to their website

Definitely, positively and absolutely, one of the greatest way to make ourselves relaxed this Summer is by digging down a halo-halo. Halo-Halo has been an all-time Filipino snack on a way it also served a sidewalk offering for everyone. And, when I said all the Filipinos, I mean all, whatever the social status is will definitely go crazy over a glass.

Restaurants, in example Chowking, also have this  in their menu, a sign that people are looking for this. There were even restaurants that started by selling these fellow and have boomed.

This is also a proud to be original recipe of the Pinoys that we can offer to foreigners. An American client of mine only remembers Boracay, ripe mango, Arnold (his tourist guide) and halo-halo here in the Philippines. He said that when he found a time he would definitely have his vacation here and munch on a glass of halo-halo. The ever popular Vic Zhou of the F4, admitted that he is crazy over this delicious delight.

Halo-halo literally means mix. It is a combination of different fruits, vegetables and by-products in a glass, added with lots of ice, milk all you have to do is mix. Some even added purple yam to add color and leche flan for presentation. Chowing offered this with vanilla and yam ice cream which will result in a very thick and creamy juice when the ice melts.

The most common ingredient in making halo-halo were sago (tapioca pearls), gulaman (jelly), camote, saba (candava banana), corn, pinipig, langka to add aroma and many more. Just work on your imagination on what can you add. You can add ampalaya if you wanted (ikaw naman kakain niyan)… lol..

In Chowking there were beans added to which I am not a fan. I asked the personnel to remove the beans whenever I take orders. Their’s comes in a bowl where the ice was in the bottom of the bowl and the ingredients including the ice cream and leche flan on top. A regular order is worth P72.00 while the large is worth P105.

According to my sister, the best halo-halo she have was the Razon’s halo-halo and Palabok. Well, I confess haven’t tasted this one, but will definitely wanted to try this . Google is your friend check ’em out.

The Halo-Halo sold by my cousins worth P10.00

Good thing, my cousins decided to sell halo-halo, so I don’t have to go somewhere just to have this one. They are selling it in small plastic cups worth P5.00 and P10.00 for a bigger one. Here in our place, they were the only one offering P5.00, so kids are making lines on a way, right before afternoon, their halo-halo were all sold out.

I used to have special orders since they were my cousins. I will give them a bowl and will just let them give it a price to which I can have a very big discount (subukan lang nilang bigyan ako ng mahal). Whenever there were ripe mangoes and other fruits available in our fridge, I add them and hualla!! I’m in heaven.

My order from them, worth P30.00… lol

I don’t want to eat my glass of halo-halo right away. I wanted all the ice to melt first so I can drink the creamy and flavorful liquid. Also, I don’t want to chew pieces of ice.

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