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Food Citations | December 12, 2017

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Happy 100th Birthday Oreo!!!

Happy 100th Birthday Oreo!!!

Cookies has been a part of everyone’s childhood. Me, when I was a kid, I know I can dig down cookies in every snack and will never be fed-up with them. Even today, Despite my taste preferences changed, I’m still a sucker for cookies. Today’s generation, my nieces, are also cookie-lovers. Packs of cookies will never be absent in our grocery bags as we all know the kids in our house will always be happy to chowdown this Cookie Monster-loved delights.

Oreo cookies is one of those crazy thrills that I used to dig as a kid (Naman!! Meron na dito sa Pilipinas nung bata ako). Despite we can only bought this in bigger sari-sari stores for P4.00-P5.00 per 3 piece-pack, it is already available that time. For me, during those days, there were only two cookie brands, The Oreo and Cream-O. But still Oreo is what I prefer.

Now that Oreo is celebrating it’s 100th birthday, let me give you some trivia:

This cookie was first founded in March 6. 1912 in New York by a company called Kraft Foods. with only plain design and targeted British Market as Brits found Kraft Cookies as plain.

That time it is only sold for 25 cents per pound in novelty cans and clear glass tops.

In 1924, a new design and a new flavor (lemon)was introduced, but the lemon discontinued shortly.

Oreo survived two world wars. There are also reports that was soldiers have Oreos in their camps.

As of today, the cookie was sold in 100 countries and there are flavors that is available in specific territory, like in China, where there is a green tea flavors and Blueberry in Indonesia.

Oreo also can generate billions worth of sales globally and annually.

The Facebook Fanpage of Oreo, already reached more than 25 million and still counting.

All the flavors of Oreo. Strawberry, Double Delight, Chocolate Creme, Original and the Oreo Star

Yesterday, March 5, in advanced celebration with my childhood cookies’ birthday, I treat my nieces with some Oreos. I actually bought all the flavors available in the grocery. This includes the Regular Vanilla, Strawberry Creme, Chocolate Creme,  Double Delight worth P34.50 (.8 USD) each and the Oreo Star.  I asked my two older nieces what are the flavors they loved and they both agreed that it’s the plain vanilla.

I also agree with my nieces, nothing beats the original flavor of Oreo. But, second to that, I also loved the strawberry specially when it is dipped in milk. The distinct flavor from strawberry compliments the milk well.

Well, I admit, it’s the first time I saw this Oreo Star and bought it out because of curiosity. The box is worth P50.00 for a 12-piece pack composed of 3 piece of cookies each. This variety has a star-shaped hole where the filling are in (check the picture). Despite it’s still delicious, I  still prefer the sandwich type.

My Oreo dipped in Milk, I already bit it

Way back, my mom will find a hard time feeding me with milk. But, because of Oreo’s dip-in-milk-then-melts-in-your-mouth feature, I became a milk lover. As of today, I still loved my Oreo dipped in milk, sometimes I also do it with hot chocolate and coffee. My nieces, are also delighted if they have milk while eating Oreo. Oreo is also the main reason, why Kahlen, my 3-year-old niece learned to drink milk from the cup.

My 3-year-old niece, Kahlen, enjoying her Oreo. The stainless cup on her back was filled with milk

My nieces still enjoy the (1) Twist, (2) Lick and (3) Dunk way to eat Oreo. While my sisters (their moms) will much enjoy watching them patiently eat the treats while having the confidence that they will finish their milks. You can hear laughs and giggle while my nieces are fooling around while munching the treats. It’s surely a form of bonding for the kids. In our family alone, Oreo is a big name what more in America where it is more popular?

My nieces (from left) Sam, Kahlen and Ykay having fun with Oreo

Oreo is treat that will make the world color-less when it disappeared. Oreo is surely a part of Filipinos lives and probably, the world’s.

Happy 100th birthday Oreo!!! And thanks for making my childhood enjoyable and memory-filled. Thanks also for letting my nieces and other kids to enjoy their childhood and have fun.

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