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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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How to cure hangovers

How to cure hangovers

One of the main reason why I’m an occasional drinker is that I have a very low tolerance in alcohol. I’ll be tipsy in just two bottles of San Mig Light and might throw up after a few more.

Another reason is that when I got hangovers, I literally suffer. My world spins and hard headaches is up during such situations.

When I don’t do something about it, my body will take a whole day to nurse it. And, I don’t want that happen as to my age — career and work is important.

Way back in high-school, I researched the things we needed to do to cure hangover and Ill be happy to share it with you guys. The methods and foods enumerated here are based on my experiences and later were backed by a scientific explanation.

First of all, in order for us not to have too much hangover, drink moderately and stop when your body asks. Secondly, hangover is caused by too much alcohol in you blood and lesser water. So, we can say cleansing and fluid replenishing are best methods.

Water Before Drinking

Drinking lots of water before drinking will help you prevent hangover. This method will eliminate excess alcohol in you body by means of urinating.

This will also prohibit alcohol from mixing with your blood.

Lots of Water Before Sleeping

This method will help your body cleanse itself. This will also help in taking away alcohol inside your body and most importantly, this will prevent dehydration.


I discovered this as an accident. One time, the morning after a drinking session with my college mates, I had hangover. My mother then offered some fresh pineapple and for her not to notice, I took some and ate them. Apparently, my hangover is gone.

With the presence of internet, I found that pineapple contains enzymes that are very good for digestion. One greatest enzyme was the bromelain that helps the body break down protein that will soon help clean the blood and blood stream. Thus, helping in hangover.


This is one advice of my friend. Being a trusting one, I followed it (despite he looks like joking) and surprisingly, it worked.

Tomatoes are good source of vitamin A, C, beta-carotene and many more — all are good cleansing agent of the body. It is also advised eating the fruit for curing hangovers.

Cabbage Juice

Since I love cabbage, I experimented with it one time. In just 30 minutes after eating, I felt my hangover is diminishing. Later, I found out that cabbage takes away chemicals called congeners — a product that fights substances formed  during fermentation process. We all know beer and alcoholic beverages is fermented.


This will make sweat and we all know sweating removes excess fluids in your body. The fluid removed also contains other chemical, including alcohol.

So, the day after drinking, it’s best to take a jog. But, make sure that you will take lots of fluid (water) before doing so, in order not to dehydrate too much.

Sleep More

When you are asleep, your body can relax. This will then  let the alcohol and alcohol particles vanish in your system without you knowing it.

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