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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Human Heart Nature's Enchantea: a healthy way to quench your thirst

Human Heart Nature’s Enchantea: a healthy way to quench your thirst

I have been a distributor of Human Heart Nature’s products. They are actually catering organically-made toiletries such as shampoo, body wash and many more. When I say organically-made it is pure from nature only and no toxic chemicals added.

To know more about them [CLICK HERE]. Ehem, since you found them through this blog, don’t forget to put my name, Ringo Perreras on the referrer’s name of the registration form… lol. Well, not being biased, as a guy, who don’t usually use too much toiletries, I found their products great.

Well, going back to this blog, they are also into foods. They are catering foods like breads, eggs, honey and many more that were also grown, harvested and processed organically (naturally). But, being a refreshment seeker, one of the greatest product I saw and tasted was their drink. They called this The Enchantea.

This drink is made Calamansi Juice, brown sugar and brews from Lemongrass, Pandan, Duhat leaves and Avocado leaves. Therefore, we can dub this one as a pure Filipino drink.

Dubbed the “Official drink of Nation-builders,” Happy Green Enchantea is a natural and healthy drink proudly co-brewed, designed and bottled by the residents of GK Enchanted Farm.

Packaging, Price and Availability

This comes in a plastic bottle, just like those mineral water sold in groceries. You can only buy Enchantea in the Human Nature’s main office, the Commonwealth Avenue store. You can get the tea from the fridge in the cafe and pay it in the counter, then drink it.

But, if you wanted to take this one out, the sales associates (Renila, my sister, is the supervisor.. ehem!) will put the products in a brown paper bag. A sign that the company is committing themselves to their vision.

A piece of the Enchantea with 350 ml of the juice is worth P35.00. Nope, I didn’t mistype it. I know what your thinking, it’s expensive… Yeah, I somehow agree and if based on the ingredients like leaves of Duhat and Avocado, it’s really do expensive. But, before we conclude, let us all put in mind that it’s organically made, meaning it’s free from substances that can revert our hormones and weaken our cells.

Health Benefits

Aside from it’s organic, Enchantea is rich in Vitamin C and other minerals. It is also a good source of anti-oxidants. A very good drink for the stressed.

See how healthful the drink?

Taste and Verdict

Well, the taste is quite unexplainable. At first, you will feel the sour and fruity flavor, maybe coming from the calamasi and lemongrass extracts, and then, the taste of Pandan comes after. Try to figure that out. Also, while drinking there was this soothing effect in your throat. In short, a very delicious, refreshing and relaxing drink.

Now my verdict. Since I am fan of C2 and any other tea drinks in the market, I can say that Enchantea is one of the best. Specially when it is very cold. It will going to refresh yourself and at the same time will make you calm because of the soothing effect I mentioned a while ago. The undefinable flavors inside the drink is just something to die for.

This is one of the innovation so far. Who would ever think that leaves from Avocado and Duhat can be extracted and can add flavor to a drink?

The only negative is the price. If there can be any way that this will go down. Definitely this is a must-drink.

Despite all, this is a highly recommended drink. What are you waiting for? Have your Enchantea now and share you ideas here. You can contact the company to the following:

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  1. Gina Cruz

    Is that a new product of HHN? We tried Bayani Brew and it really taste good.

    • Ringo

      This is same as the Bayani Brew. 🙂

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