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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Jollibee Aloha Burger Review

| On 26, Jun 2013

Aloha Burger - single

I’m not fond of going to the mall. Why? Firstly, the main reason is my vertigo. Right the very minute I entered the mall, I feel dizzy and despite still having 20/20 vision, the pathway instantly becomes blurred. Secondly, are the foods and drinks around the mall, that from the looks itself are appetizing, I can’t stand buying.

Last week, I was forced to go to Ever Gotesco to buy some bubble wrap for the products I’m selling online. My mom asked me to buy her some apple juice, so I will have to pass by Jollibee. Before going home, I got indulged by these group of teenagers whopping down the Jollibee’s Aloha Burger. Then, without knowing I just found myself falling in line (lol).

This burger is not new, it only came back and according to Jollibee, available for a limited time only. This is also to celebrate their 35th year of bringing “Langhap Sarap” stories. Check out this infomercial:

The Burger, Price, Availability and Jollibee Ever Gotesco

Aloha Burger features two thick beef patties sandwiching a cheese, a pineapple slice, lettuce, bacon bits and honey mustard dressing – all in between a soft bun.

It is available via A la carte (solo) for P99.00; and meal that has french fries and drinks for P135.00, a price that is just enough with the size of the burger. This is available throughout the Philippines since May 15 and as of the writing. Nobody knows when does Jollibee will decide to take this out of their menu. So, as of now, all we have to do is rejoice.

Jollibee Aloha Burger Meal

I bought my burger at the Jollibee Ever Gotesco Commonwealth where I saw lots of people digging  it down. I was also given a number as my burger is to be followed, just a sign that people are already into it. I found the crews and stuff of this Jollibee branch prompt in responding with orders, courteous and easy to deal with. The place itself is clean and aside from chairs it also has bin bags around that will make the diners comfortable.

Aloha Meal opened

I took it out and what’s amazing is that the burger is packaged inside a carton that prevents it from flatting out.

The Taste and Verdict

The burgers of Jollibee like Champ and Yum with TLC are something that I can’t resist. They are big enough to respond with my big appetite. The Aloha Burger is another addition to the burger menu that will keep me going back to this fast food chain.

I love the juiciness of the patties. The cheese, along with the mustard sauce adds creamy kicks. The flavor of the bacon and patties combined well with the sweet and juicy slice of pineapple. The lettuce adds crunchy feel with the burger.

It’s much better if you’ll munch the burger with the biggest mouth opening so you can to include all ingredients in every bite. I recommend this as all the ingredients’ flavor will explode in your mouth while chewing, creating a great customer-experience.

Aloha Burger solo

If you are on a diet, don’t try this one as this will spoil your goals. However, this is a highly recommended sandwich for people who have huge tummy spaces. Me, I already bought my fourth burger since last week.

I also shared the burger with my nieces and they agreed with me, Jollibee Aloha Burger is something that is worth spending.

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