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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Jollibee Sundae Mix-ins Milo Blast Review

| On 28, Mar 2012

Jollibee’s Summer offer, the Sundae Mix-Ins Milo Blast

One of the indications that it’s already Summer are my lips. When the time that I am having Chapped Lips, definitely it’s Summer. Now, that my lips really hurts, Summer breeze are now everywhere.

One of the most seen product is the Jollibee Milo Blast. The ads in televison, radio and even in the internet are just like mushrooms popping everywhere. These advertisements rose my curiosity to try this product. But, due to my schedules and sometimes my laziness, I haven’t found time to go to Jollibee.

Jollibee Sundae Mix-ins Milo Blasts is a new addition to Jollibees dessert list. This is a vanilla soft ice cream mixed together with Milo powder and Milo breakfast cereals. In the commercial, they claim the you can flip the cup without spilling the ice cream.

Last March 20, my sister in Singapore asked me to book my niece’s party at the Jollibee Regalado. So, I agree. While booking, I also took the chance of having the Milo Blast. While Nick was punching the packages and doing some revisions, I ordered and took pictures of it.

Packaging, Price and Availability

This treat comes in a special cup with Milo and Jollibee graphics. The cup will also come in with cover in take out orders. Upon giving the cup to me, I flipped it and no spill at all.

An order of Milo Blast is worth P37.00. A treat that everyone can afford.

This is only a promo of Jollibee this Summer. When the rain comes, this sundae mix will not be in the menu anymore.

To be honest, I found the pictures, commercial and posters deceiving. My order unlike in the pictures, was not filled with ice cream. It was just rolled on the side of the cup. Just look at the picture of the ads and the picture I took from my order.

left: The picture on Jollibee website and right: my order. You guys conclude

Taste and Verdict

Not a fan of Jollibee’s vanilla ice cream, there was this after taste that I don’t like. So, I am also not impressed with Milo Blast. It’s ok for me, but will not going to crave for this one. I suggest that Jollibee should change the formulation of their vanilla ice cream, because my nieces, sister and lots of friends also can taste that after taste.

The part that I love is that the Milo Cereals remain crunchy and you can still taste the bits of powder in the ice cream.

You should try Jollibee’s Milo Blast yourself and share your experience here.

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