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Food Citations | December 12, 2017

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Juice your way to refreshing and healthy drink

The Jack Lalanne Juicer, the best juicer in the world. Photo credit to Amazon

A Turbo Juicer is one of my favorite tools in our kitchen. It helps me to create healthy and refreshing beverages from fresh fruits juices with little efforts. I don’t have to use all my strengths to juice fruits and even vegetable as this machine is created for such applications. Even the kids can use this and they really enjoyed it.

If you will going to buy juicers make sure that you will buy the powerful and compact one, so you can have the most juice in every fruits and vegetables you will use.

How does it work?

A Turbo Juicer grinds the flesh of the fruits and will spin it around to extract the juice. This machine has a powerful spinning equipment inside the based and attached to it is a bowl-like tool with tiny strainer holes on the side, the bowl serves as filter. In the center of the bowl was blade that shreds the fruit. A crescent tool will be used to lock the blade well at the center of the bowl.

The bowl that serves as filter, the blade and crescent that will lock the blade

The bowl-like tools will be guarded by another part that will serve a catcher of the juice. The guard has two openings, the left opening is a non drip faucet where the juice will come out and the right side is where the pulp are disposed. The right hole has a separate bucket partner that will catch the pulp.

There is also a cover for the guard where there is a tube where you can insert the fruits. The tube is big enough to insert a whole big apple. The tube also has a pair that can be inserted in it that can be used to push the fruits through the spinning shredder to protect our hands.

What Product?

One of the greatest popular product I know was the Jack Lalanne’s Power Juicer. It features 3600 RPM motor, almost same speed with a washing machine dryer and stainless steel blades. While running, the spinners were smooth enough, creating only little noise.

The non-drip spout has a guide for the liquid not to spill. You can also lock the spout just in case your pitcher is already full with juice.

Based on my experience, putting the parts together takes time to master. There are still times that I’m puzzled about the juicer parts, so just in case you already have this product make sure that your have put the parts well to avoid any unwanted circumstances.

But, overall our power juicer is a heaven’s tool. We can create fresh and healthy refreshing juices that everyone of us enjoy. This is also a way to trick kids have vegetable in their juice.

A tool that is very worthy of our money.

Stay tune for more juice recipes that I will be posting using the our Turbo juicer.

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