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Food Citations | December 12, 2017

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KFC Cheese Top Burger Review

| On 31, Jul 2012

KFC Cheese Top in Paper.jpg

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is quite proud of their newest burger, the KFC Cheese Top Burger. They were even proud to say that this came off an accident. And, people, including myself is quite curious about this one. So, I tried it and now posting my review for everyone to at least get a hint on what awaits with this burger.

First of all, I am a very big fan of KFC. I love their chicken, gravy (special mentioned) and other product, including the KFC Zinger Double Down. That’s why, whatever the outcome of my review are based on my taste buds and preferences.

The Availability, Price and Packaging

Cheese Top Burger is available to all KFC outlets throughout Philippines, I bought my burger in the Commonwealth Avenue (Tandang Sora) Branch, which is one of the greatest outlet for me, so far.

A single burger order is worth P50.00, while the one that comes with a cup of drink, and a fries is worth P70.00, which is, for me, quite cheap.

I ordered the complete meal (P70.00). The burger is wrapped around a parchment paper printed with some KFC logo and “Cheese Top”. The fries, is also in a parchment paper bag. Drinks in a plastic cup and a small cup for the ketchup.

To be honest, I kinda like the packaging, despite it’s not good looking, it absorbs oil unlike those fancy cartons. The packaging is not that appealing, but quite useful.

The Sandwich

This burger comes in a chicken patty, which is quite more delicious than the beef. The patty has Garlic Parmesan dressing that adds more flavor to burger.

The burger has a cheese on top of the burger. KFC claimed that it was melted to the bun.

KFC Cheese Top.jpg

Taste and Verdict

As I said, I am a very big fan of KFC which includes their chicken burger. I love burger itself even without the cheese. But, the cheese on top is too good to be true. The cheese on top become dry and for me, doesn’t just fit well with the bun. Unlike when it’s inside, the moisture is still there. For me, without  any offense, I found this product a little overrated.

Some people said there’s little we could expect for a P50.00 burger, but for me, whatever the price is, the consumers should get the product that is advertised. Cheese on top of a burger is quite a very good idea, it’s a very great way to tease the people and I can say that the marketing strategy of KFC goes well.

KFC Cheese top - Parmesan.jpg

The Parmesan is absorbed by the bun and just makes things a little less tasty. If it is piled up this way: chicken patty, Parmesan dressing and cheese, the Parmesan will never be absorb by the bun.

It’s still delicious, but I still prefer the ordinary chicken cheese burger.

Try it yourself guys and share your thoughts.

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