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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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KFC's Zinger Double Down Review

KFC’s Zinger Double Down Review

It’s back! And KFC said with a vengeance.

KFC’s Zinger Double Down is another addition to their menu. Zinger is composed of two crispy chicken fillet, sandwiching bacon, cheese and mayonnaise. It has no bread at all.  The advertisement here in the Philippines features a tall guy walking while eating this all-meat-sandwich and every time he bites explosion happens in the scene.

I ordered the Zinger in KFC Tandang Sora Branch. The crew who got my order is actually very friendly and she answered all my question politely. The place is impressive, big tables and bins as chairs. I am assuring you that you will be comfortable if you will eat to that branch.

The Price

For ala carte Zinger is worth P120.00 and for complete meal with fries and drinks it’s worth P150.00.

The Packaging

Well, compared to Hash Brown Burger of Jollibee that comes in a box, Zinger’s package is not impressive. I bought the meal with fries and drinks. The sandwich comes with a small, cone-like carton where the sandwich was inserted and covered with a parchment paper with free 2 large gravy. I took-it-out and when I got home, the parchment paper already absorbed some of the oil  and the package was already ruined.

Packaging counts, but for me, it’s not the main factor.

KFC Zinger Double Down Package.jpg

The Sandwich

The Zinger Double Down is actually big. I don’t know if they cut the fillet bigger or it’s just the breading. I measured the sandwich and it’s 4 1/2 inches long. Inside, was bacon, cheese and mayo, true enough with their promise.

I love he smell of the sandwich, you can sniff the spicy flavor and it’s quite appetizing.

The Verdict

I shared it with my nieces (aged 9-10 years-old) and my sister. My nieces loved it and said that it’s not that really spicy. They just love the combination of the chicken and bacon inside. My sister, who actually on a no-meat diet didn’t like it.

I can’t be able to taste the older version of Zinger, so I can’t compare it. But, over-all I love it. I mean I LLOOOVVEEEE IT! If we will going to think about the price P150.00, it’s quite expensive. But, because of the size of the sandwich, it’s worth-it.

Just like my nieces the combination of the fillet with bacon, cheese and mayo inside keeps me biting. The spicy kick is very good. Because I shared it with my girly pals, I felt I want more, I felt “bitin.” I forgot to ask the crew for a ketchup, good thing we have in our house and the sandwich really gets along with the sour tomato ketchup of Heinz.

My comment is that KFC should lessen the oil as I noticed that my nieces were wiping their mouths with their hands because of oil. KFC should also make a good packaging for the sandwich that comes in a box. They should consider it as the Zinger comes in a high price.

Am I recommending Zinger Double Down?! Of course, definitely. It’s delicious and can satisfy your appetite.

Zinger is available to all KFC branches nationwide and also available for original, non-spicy flavor.

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