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Food Citations | January 18, 2018

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Kiddie food thrill: Annie's Langka and Ube Candy

| On 26, Sep 2013

Langka and Langka-Ube Candy by Annies Cady Manufacturing

Every Thursday my Facebook friends are getting into the trend of posting their old photos. This makes the people laugh and commented about the past. However, I noticed most of the people that commented only compared the person’s look way back to the current. None even bother to ask what’s the story behind the photo or questions about the past.

How about posting a food that my age bracket will relate? This will surely make people reminisce about the past and will have something to talk about.

One of my favorite candies during my kiddie days were the Langka and Ube Candy. Way back my small days, Ube and Lang is a separate products. But, as of today, the products are Langka candy and Langka-ube candy.

Langka and Ube-langka candies are products by the Annie Candy Manufacturing in Imus, Cavite. Just like today, the product is available in every sari-sari store all over the Philippines. This is for P1.00 only but as far as my measurement the product today is quite smaller than what I used to have my kiddie days.

Both products are different from typical candies in the Philippines. The physical appearance of the candies reminds me of my erasers during those elementary days. However, they are chewable and when crushed inside your mouth you can feel melting grains.

Langka-Ube Candy reminds me of my eraser during elementary days.

When I was a kid, I found them delicious. But today, based on my adult taste buds, they are quite sweet.

For me, the best thing about the products is that the flavors of ube and langka are not compromised.  Every chew you make you can taste the flavors and it’s obvious that they used real jackfruit and yam. Specially the langka candy, you can even smell the aroma of the fruit.

Langka Candy – I love this better than the Langka-Ube

The candies are now my nieces and cousin’s cheap thrills. Since the time I introduced the products to them, I used to see the products in their candy jar.

I’m not surprised that the candies surpasses competition. The quality is there. The company innovated and withstood the demand of every kids in generations.

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  1. jonathan james gumabras

    where can i buy this in cebu or where can i order or contact # of annies food…

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