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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Korean instant noodles recalled due to cancerous ingredients

| On 03, Nov 2012

On the last days of October, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Philippines conducted it’s own studies following a report that the Korean FDA ordered to pull out a variety of their local instant noodles, the Nongshim, which is also distributed in the Philippines after they found out that it has benzopyrene, a carcinogen.

The result was positive. The FDA also ordered that the brand should be pulled from the market to protect the health of the consumers.

The Department of Health also came into action and calls for the Filipinos to stop buying these noodles.

Dr. Eric Tayag, the spokesperson of the Department of Health (DOH) urged the public to be aware and be cautious in buying instant noodles specially if you can’t read the titles.

“Benzopyrene is a substance regardless of how much you ingest or inhale, ito ay nakaka-cause ng cancer. Natatagpuan yan sa cigarette smoke. Sa pagkain, nakikita rin yan, ngayon nga nakita yan sa Korean noodles na Nongshim. Kaya pina-rerecall nga, kasi nakaka-cancer. Pag yan po ay nakain sa tiyan po, stomach cancer. Pag nainhale, lung cancer,” Tayag said via the ANC’s top story.

According to the same report, here are the brands of noodles that public shouldn’t buy:

  • Neoguri (Hot) with expiration dates: 12.10.11, 12.11.11;
  • Neoguri (Hot) Multi: 12.10.11, 12.11.11;
  • Neoguri (Mild): 12.10.28, 12.11.17;
  • Big Bowl Noodle Shrimp: 12.11.4, 12.11.29, 13.1.10 and 13.1.30;
  • Saengsaeng Udon Bowl Noodle: 12.9.30, 12.10.22;
  • Saengsaeng Udon: 12.8.28, 12.10.8

Other countries that pulled these noodles out are China, Taiwan and Hong Kong due to it’s dangerous substance.

The Wikipedia said that benzopyrene is a pollutant and carcinogenic. It is proven that this substance can cause lung cancer while according to a doctor, the substance can also revert hormones, cause instant headache, difficulty in breathing and allergies when consumed.

Tayag noted that regardless the amount that enters the body it can really cause cancer. If ingested, it can cause stomach cancer and when inhaled it can cause lung cancer. He added that the substance was classified as “toxic carcinogen” that is highly dangerous.

When asked if the noodles with such substance were traced, Tayag only said that all the noodles coming from the brand will be removed on the shelf of all stores. He also hoped that all groceries, convenient stores and Korean stores will participate with the recall.

Earlier, the South Korea’s largest noodle manufacturer insisted that that the products were safe. The company said the Korea Food and Drug Authority said the amount of benzopyrene found in the said Nongshim products were “miniscule” and within permissible levels.

Be aware. Don’t jeopardize. Be cautious.

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