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Food Citations | January 18, 2018

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Labrador Pangasinan - The Seafood stalls from heaven

| On 23, Apr 2012

Last April 6-8 we took our vacation in the very wonderful, yet unexplored place – The Villa Balinmanok. For my review about this resort click here.

I have posted our Pangasinan food adventure here and a part of my post featured the seafood bazaar in Labrador, Pangasinan where we shop sea foods for our meals for our vacation.  Now, I will going to have a separate post as I am really astonished by the place.

From Manila to Labrador Pangasinan will be a 4-hour drive. Actually, we didn’t know about this place. We just passed by and asked our drivers to pull-over so we can buy some stuffs for our meals. Since I am a seafood lover, I found this as heaven. There are about 20-30 stalls catering different types of sea foods like fishes, shell fishes, seaweeds and many more.

It is the first time on my 24-years of existence I saw a shrimp bigger than my open hand. There were actually two big shrimps (the one was smaller) sold and the seller bargained them for P150 for two pieces.

The gigantic shrimp bigger than my hand

We actually didn’t buy the two big shrimps, because we found it a little expensive. But, we bought a kilo of their medium shrimp for P300.00. Actually, it’s more than a kilo as the lady added more.

Crabs… Many of us can’t resist them. One of the stall catering them have the freshest and cheapest. According to the lady, they just caught them and we were lucky, they just opened. We actually got a plastic bag of those crabs for P200.00. Based on my estimation, it’s more than a kilo.

Crabs. P200 per kilo only

Oysters are one of my comfort foods. I love to open them from their hard shells and eat them directly even though they are raw. When I found out that one of the stalls is selling the oysters for P150.00 a bucket, I just took out my wallet and bought a bucket.

A bucket of oyster can fill two big plastic bags.

Oysters sold through Lanie’s stall for P150.00 per bucket

The guy even add 3-4 pieces of oyster as a bonus. I asked if they got these oysters from the wild, he said that they culture them from a nearby shore. The oysters are very delicious and fat. I can really compare the freshness to those sold in Manila.

Actually, when we’re about to go home, afternoon of April 8. My sister got a bucket of oysters for P120.00.

One of the weirdest creature we saw from one of the stalls, was this big fish with a horn. The locals called the fish Sungayan. We joked that it’s Lady Gaga Fish. When raw, the fish has this hard skin, flesh and head. We even use an ax to open it to remove the internal organs.

The horned fish locally called Sungayan or Lady Gaga Fish

We just put it on the grill and surprisingly, the flesh was tender and delicious. My brother and sisters all agreed that it’s like bangus or milk fish less the bones. But, for me, it’s quite more delicious than milk fish. I really can’t distinguish the taste, but it’s really delicious.

Bagoong.. That will never be absent on the sidewalks of Pangasinan. There are actually many types of bagoong. But, the most popular are the bagoong isda or salted fermented small fish and the bagoong alamang or shrimp paste. As what we expected, the bagoong is quite cheaper than those sold in Manila.

Me and my two older sisters posed in front of the bagoong stalls

The place is actually surrounded with different fishes. We even saw Tuna, ayungin and many more, the fishes ranges from very small to enormous one. This place is awesome as the products sold are fresh and caught directly from the ocean that is behind the right side stalls and way way cheaper than the Manila’s.

If you take a vacation in Alaminos, Dasol, Mabini and many more further towns of Pangasinan take a stop in Labrador’s Fish stalls. This one is like a factory of sea foods.


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