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Food Citations | January 18, 2018

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McDonalds' Cappuccino and Iced Mocha review

McDonalds’ Cappuccino and Iced Mocha review

Despite my always-be-there, high school buddies already have their own families, we never forget to talk through the phone and have our reunions. Despite there were only 4 of us in our last reunion, Jomar, Jene, Madz and me (Love You Guys) we were able to laugh our hearts out.  After the drinking sessions, except for the host, we decided to stand by and have our coffee in McDonalds.

We stopped in McDonalds Commonwealth Avenue, corner Don Antonio, in front of the Ever Gotesco Commonwealth. It is now a 24-hour store where the place was quite great, because it was just newly renovated. A highly recommended McDonalds store.

Our Orders, Prices and Packaging

Me and Madz wanted to have our tummy to have warm drink, so we ordered medium cappuccino worth P98.00 each while Jene ordered iced mocha worth P110.00.

The Cappuccino comes in a wax lined-paper cup, just like any other cappuccino sold in coffee shops, it also has this semi-robotic cover to where you can sip through. The ice mocha is packaged in plastic cup. As simple as that.

The thick foam of Ice Mocha

There are Chinese letters there that we Filipinos will never understand. There was this sign means “hot” with Chinese letters on side, it is much better if it’s English.

The single order of Cappuccino have 2 packs of brown sugar and a special stirrer.

Taste and Verdict

I asked the two if their coffee were great and both of them said yes. Haven’t tasted the ice mocha, so I’m not in the position to describe the taste.

Cappuccino and it’s thick foam

Well, the Cappuccino is quite good, it’s bitter with lesser milk, just the type of coffee that I prefer. It also comes foamy, so expect lesser drink.. lol. Not that good compared to other cappuccinos in town, but being a caffeine addict, it’s very good for me. The price for is just ok. I don’t find it pricey and not that cheap either.

Not highly, but still recommended. Go to your nearest McDonalds and try their Cappuccino.

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