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Food Citations | January 18, 2018

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McDonalds - Don Antonio kiddie party review

| On 26, Nov 2012

Kahlen at McDo - Don Antonio

First of all, Happy Birthday to my niece, Reian Kahlen Perreras, Tito “Ehgo” (Ringo) loves you so much.

As I said above, a niece of mine turned 4 last November 7, 2012 and on November 10 we celebrated this event at the McDonalds Don Antonio branch. I am here to give my thoughts, reviews, ideas, and suggestions to help at least improve a substance and applause a good job.

Booking and Reservations

My sister was the one who booked the event. As early as August, my sister inquired in different events place and decided to book the date at McDonalds Don Antonio on September.

When I asked her about hassle of booking, she never found any hassle, unlike my experience in Jollibee Reglado.

The Party Place

The address of McDonalds where the party of my niece was held is at Commonwealth Ave. Cor. Don Antonio Street, Quezon City. The event’s place was located at the end of that branch, just beside their playhouse.

It is rectangular and I can say it’s smaller than the Jollibee Regalado’s place. What I don’t like is that there are two huge poles at the center that is obviously blocking the view specially when you are at the back. I don’t know why do they decided to put the place there, but it’s really causing some destruction. In example, what if you wanted to cover a video?

Party Place - McDo Don Antonio

I suggest that they bring the party place to the original position which is at the right side of the branch from the main entrance.

The chairs and tables are at the sides of the event’s place. It’s quite far from each other that can provide comfort for the diners. The place is clean too.

Aside from the two huge poles, I love the place.

Giveaway and Prizes

The prizes for games are puzzles, micro-manual electric fan, and other toys. The giveaways for the kid visitors are bags composed of puzzles, mini coloring books, colors and many more.

Prizes and Giveaways

The kids are running back and forth in the table where the prizes and giveaways are located. Obviously, they are excited about it. I can even see the birthday celebrant peeking at the table and jumping out of joy.

I also love the way the prizes are presented. It captured the attention of each and every kids in the party.

The Cake and Cupcake Tower

Cup Cake Tower Sugar Me Up

My sister bought the cupcake stand in Chocolate Lover as she found their prize quite lower than other sellers. It’s only made of card board, but quite strong to hold the cup cakes. We only found difficult times in balancing the cake as the holes from the top layer don’t fit the center pole well.

The cupcakes and cake were created by the third party called the “Sugar Me Up” and allow me to say that they created the best cup cakes, icing and cakes in town. From the designs of the cakes alone, the experience of the owners/bakers are unquestionable.

The chocolate cake has a chewy frosting at the bottom that is completely adding some effects which chewing the cake. I don’t know if they just bought the cupcakes, but it’s delicious as well.

Cake from Sugar Me Up

“Sugar Me Up” is such a recommended seller. You can reach them through Facebook.

The Photo Booth

The photo booth was provided by another third party called the “Xpressions Photo Booth“. The two personnel operating the machine were kind and patient as my “cam whore” relatives are not organized and will just popped inside a series of photo. You can view the photos in their album entitled “Reian Turns 4 .. 11.07.12“.

Undoubtedly, they are good in the field as despite of lack of space, they are able to provide the exciting service that a party should have.

I am also recommending Xpressions Photo Booth, just look for them in Facebook.

The Host and Sound System 

My aunt agreed with me when I said that the sound was a little off. When the host was speaking, I found difficult time understanding the things that she’s saying. I found appearance of the hosts’ voice as nasal and the sounds as “tunog lata”.

I suggest that they should change the sound system as a whole.

Lhez, the host for the event is ok, not that good and not that bad. She’s having hard times controlling and cutting the scenes. I know it’s hard as you should be careful as might offend your clients, but as a host you should have the guts of controlling the mob to at least budget the limited time.

What I like about Lhez is that she rides on the jokes and she knows what she’s doing. She can also deal with kids as if she’s already immune with their naughtiness. I also love Lhez’s ardent appearance which also adds appeal to the kids

The Foods

Foods - McDonalds Don Antonio

The foods served are chicken and spaghetti meal, cheese burger, soft drinks and a sundae dessert. My sister who has a smaller tummy than I am, was only able to finish the chicken and spaghetti meal, she just kept the burger. But me, I just munched the whole package, including the dessert as I am a very big fan of McDonalds meal as for me, the foods from McDonalds are really scrumptious.

That package for the meal is worth P171.00 per head, very worthy.

The Mascots

The mascots came after the food.

Ronald McDonalds was already included in the package, but my sister got Birdie the early bird and Grimace as additional. You only have to pay P150 each if you wanted additional mascots, quite lower than the additionals of Jollibee’s (P1500 each).

I found Birdie cute, the only comment that I can say is that the organizers should also maintain the costume. My sister agreed with me when I said that the wings of Birdie are a little left out and I concluded that they haven’t washed it for quite some time.

Ronald McDonalds was great, the mascot was more of a cartographic type and having a friendlier appeal. We all know that clowns sometimes scare kids.

But, for me, Grimace was the best one. The person who carries Grimace obviously have a sense of humor. He/she makes bounding moves that the kids loved, we even laughed when we saw Grimace shaking in the corner.

The mascots danced and I can say, they have the moves. The best dancer is still Grimace. After the dance, they took pictures with the kids (also adults) then they bid goodbye.


Firstly, I would like to thank McDonalds – Don Antonio, Commonwealth QC Branch for making our little Princess’ birthday party a success one. You guys made my niece and her kid visitors happy. You also made my sister very happy as well.

The effort of providing the most of the service we availed is quite obvious and I can see the coordination between the organizers. But, t’s not always perfect, I just can’t really comment about the place as the huge poles are making difference. Accuse me of redundancy, but I will still suggest that the party place should be transferred somewhere. Kids are running back and forth and it may also cause accident.

Lhez did an amazing job, but the sound system can add impact to her hosting skills and capabilities. The other host (supervisor) also did a superb job in networking the tasks as we found the event already in pieces when we arrived.

In scale of 1 to 10, hmmm.. I can say it’s 8. A recommended place? Yes, of course, they’ll provide you the best service for your money.

The P17,000.00 that my sister spent, which includes the outsourced materials like cakes and photo booth is all worthy.

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