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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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Monde Special Mamon review

Monde Special Mamon review

The Special Mamon brought to us by Monde has become a popular take-home-from-office thingy for our family. The first time I tasted it was when my sister took it home for my little niece and since then, I became fan noting the fact that I’m not a bread lover.

Mamon is a term for sponge cake. This awesome snack has captured many hearts because of it’s softness, creaminess and distinct flavor. This is very popular on a way, that many desert and pastry shop here in the Philippines are catering their own version.

The Price, Package and Availability

A pack of Monde’s special Mamon is only P59.00 for 6 pieces. That will cost you P9.80 each. For the taste and size of the mamon, I will say it’s kinda cheap and worthy.

The package is also worthy, to support the mamon, there is a plastic container where all the 6 pieces are laid vertically, side first and maybe to ensure that the products will not reach the consumers crushed.

This is available in mostly of the groceries and convenient stores nationwide.

The Monde Mamon fresh from the package.

Taste and Verdict

This mamon, compared to others has distinct flavor and creaminess. This is very soft on a way that it melts in your mouth while chewing. I asked my nieces if they loved it and said “Oo naman, ang sarap kaya!”

For me, this is the best mamon in the groceries so far. Unlike other mamon that is big, but has lots of air inside, Monde’s different, it’s very pure. It’s also very cheap and available everywhere, so everyone can have it.

Try it yourself and buy this mamon in the nearest grocery in your place. Based on the price and taste, this is a highly recommended product.

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  2. christina

    it so delicuis

  3. I love Monde’s mamon. But the price is higher now for a pack. It’s 72.00 🙁 Still, it’s the best there is!

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