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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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My College memories: PUP foods

PUP, Sta. Mesa campus. Photo credit to PUP Official Fanpage

2008 is the year where I graduated from Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Sta. Mesa. And, being the guy who had a wonderful college life, until now, I still can’t get over my “Sintang Paaralan”. Here in PUP, I really experienced the true hardship of studying. Here, I also met people who literally, have teleserye like situations who have to work their a*ses out in order to provide money for their studies.

Along with one of my best college buddies, Hermie, we went back to PUP and reminisce. We first enter the campus and noticed there were lots of changes. The lagoon was not open anymore and there were walls similar to those in “Intramuros”, the offices of different deans and chairpersons were now in the second floor and many more…

The things I enjoyed in my 4 years of stay are still there. Here are some:

The left and right computer shops who will try to lower their per hour rents in order to stay. I’m shocked that up to now, there were still shops offering as low as P10.00 per hour.

The P1.00 black printing and P3.00 for colored.

Left and right photo printing for as low as P2.50 for wallet size catering the narcissistic people. And;

The happiest  part, the foods.

West Wing stall (left most). Dunkin Donut and Siomai House at the North Wing Canteen

Let us first start inside. The West and North Wing canteen were still there. In the West wing, the foods and drinks offered by the different stalls were just the same, packed lunch, burgers, junks foods and many more. In the North is a little different, our favorite stalls like J6 Burger and Pan de Pidro were not there anymore. There were also new additions like Dunkin Donuts and Siomai House. The ATM or Automated Tubig Machine were still, everywhere.

The ATM is a water dispenser with a coin slot. Once you drop a peso in the slot, water will come out a tube where you will use the free plastic bag with drinking straw to catch it. A peso can really keep you going and a P5.00 coin can fill a whole “plastic ng yelo” bag. When you are thirsty and in a budget, just go to the nearest ATM.

ATM slot machine located near the exit of PUP

Now, let us go outside.

My friends and I loved Tokneneng, one of the greatest stall there was the one near the rail roads. I forgot to ask for the stall’s name, but when you see the stall that have many students with a girl, a lesbian and a guy taking care of it, that might be the one I’m talking about. They are catering lumpiang togue, kikiams, squid balls, tokneneng, kwek kwek and many more. This stall is different from others, because of their sauce. I used to sip down their sauce way back. I love the combination their vinegar and sweet sauce. The only thing that I can comment is that up to now, the lesbian is still very snobbish.

Tokeneneg, kwek kwek, hotdog, meat balls and many more

Every March, it’s like walking in the dessert along Theresa. That’s why, many students would dig through refreshments. Me, I love drinking red tea, fresh melon juice and many more. But, for me, the greatest thirst quencher in PUP is the pearl shake. The shake comes in different flavors, just ook for the labels of the jars and order your preference. I love the cheese and this brain-freezer drink literally comes from cubes of cheddar cheese blended with ice and milk. When I first heard it, I thought the taste will be weird. But, trust me, it’s very yummy.

The cheese flavored shake sold along Theresa road

My section’s shift is at night. So, we used to have our dinner at PUP. Specially when the lights were already on, the stalls catering meals for the students were left and right. They sometimes even occupy some parts of the roads.

Me and my fellows used to dig down Siomai with Rice, Binagoongan with rice and many more. I know many Pupians will agree with me that the greatest tummy filler will the “silog” meals. The greatest place to have these meals is the Jelson’s Tapsilog. They cater different silog meals like Porksilog, Tapsilog, Chicksilog, Kikiamsilog, Longsilog, fishsilog and many more. Just ask a bystanding student where is that Jelson’s tasilog and they know that place.

The TapSiLog from Jelson’s Tapsilog, YUMMY!!!

Way back, my favorite was porksilog (Breaded pork, sinangag and sunny side-up egg) and will have a vinegar with lots of chilies as a dip. But, when we went back, I ordered the most popular Tapsilog (Tapa, sili este sinangag and itlog).  Sandara or Sandy, the gay personnel was not there anymore, we used to tease her to one of our friends.

When we took our orders, ate jokes “babatiin pa ba yung itlog niyo?” to which I replied “Oh Hermie pasok ka na. Babatiin na itlog mo”, then laughs were everywhere. The lady was friendly and used to smile not just to us, but to all people dining in. Even in paying time she is still very enthusiastic.

An order of Lugaw with Laman will cost you P15.00 then you can have lugaw as many as you can

When my barkada wanted to have bonding time, we dine in to our favorite place, the lugawan. When a Pupian said “lugawan”, he is talking about the UNLIMITED LUGAW. To be exact, it was Tita Bebang’s lugawan where obviously their lugaw is refillable. Way back college years, the lugaw was P5.00 only, but now it’s P7.00, but still refillable. I still ordered with laman and dug it out. I didn’t avail the refill anymore because as I’m really bloated. This place also offers lumpia, tokwa, drinks and many more.

Look how many people are digging this Unlimited Lugaw

Other foods that I used to enjoy at PUP were Calamares, Kikiam and other tusok-tusok street foods, ice cream, green mango on stick, burgers, egg sandwich and many more. Despite that those foods can be seen everywhere, it’s still enjoyable when there’s memory.

So long and tune in for more PUP foods to be featured as I still have plans of going back…

Enjoy life everyone and for PUP students, study hard (wink wink).

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