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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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My Favorite Ways to Eat Pandesal

| On 08, Aug 2012

The small, fancy breads that Filipinos loved to munch down, usually during morning is the Pandesal. Every streets or alleys here in the Philippines has a bakery catering these tummy-fillers. Obviously showing that Filipinos can’t get enough. Me, I am also the chowders of the breads, and I am lucky enough that there is a small bakery selling them near our house.

  • Pinoy Pandesal – The Everywhere Available Bread – Pandesal is one of the most popular bread in the Philippines, this is best eaten during breakfast. For me, the best way to eat this is plain only, but paired with a steaming hot coffee.  Many also loved it with spread like mayonnaise, jam, peanut butter, scrambled eggs and many more.

Despite I love them as is, there are also some spreads, and ways that I love when eating them.

Here are some:

Pandesal Dipped in Coffee

Pandesal dipped in coffee.jpg

Filipinos are very resourceful (maparaan), pandesal are little bland, and in order to add flavors we used to dip these breads in our coffee and will chow even when the coffee is still dripping from the bread. We love to do this when the coffee is still hot.

When I was a kid, I also love to do it in hot chocolate, milk, and weirdly with juice.

I asked my mom, and she concluded that oldies love to do this in order to make the breads soft, and less chewy decreasing the tension to their gums or false teeth while taking their breakfasts.

Pandesal with Liver Spread

Liver spread is made from crashed liver of chicken and beef with some spices to add more flavors. The sweet with little bitter kicks, liitle spices and mushy texture of liver spread makes it a great partner of pandesal.

Here is the Philippines, a small can of liver spread is worth P16.00 to P20.00 only.

Pandesal with Liver Spread.jpg

Pandesal with Peanut Butter

Pandesal with Peanut Butter.jpg

This is my nieces’ favorite way to munch down the fancy bread. They love creamy, sweet flavor and bitty texture of the spread. What’s great about this one is that it’s rich in protein and also comes cheap.

Pandesal with Cheese Whiz

Pandesal with Cheese Whiz.jpg

Cheese whiz is a processed cheese that comes in liquid form. My nieces wanted to eat them alone, but I love it with the bread. The salty, creamy and melts in your mouth properties of the spread makes it bankable. There are lots of varieties of the liquid cheese, and for me, the greatest is the pimiento.

Pandesal with Scrambled Egg

Pandesal with scrambled egg

The soft and spongy texture of scrambled eggs, makes it another partner with pandesal. I cook by extremely beating the egg it with little salt and lots of ground pepper. I only cook with non-stick pan without any oil.

An egg here will only cost your P4.00-P7.00 each.

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